The dollar counted with liquids exceeds 400 dollars and the Central Bank has sold 76 million dollars

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The cash dollar, the way companies use to be dollarized, has once again breached the $400 barrier. This Thursday is trading at $402, just one and a half pesos below the record of 403.6 dollars it had reached in mid-May.

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The MEP dollar, which is traded on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, is also on the rise and is being sold at $390. Thus it is close to the blue dollar, which started the wheel with a drop of two pesos, at 391 dollars, but was reset at the close and finished at $393.

The movements of financial dollars occurred in the hours before Minister Sergio Massa announced from Washington the launch of the dollar for soybeans 3 and the dollar for regional economies.

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Minister Sergio Massa announced Thursday in Washington that he will expand the “sour dollar” export scheme, which would temporarily extend beyond soybeans to other regional products, a way to shore up scarce reserves to meet IMF goals. international .

The announcement came at the height of the crisis generated by the shortage of dollars in the midst of the drought, which in recent days has rekindled rumors that the government could not have avoided a sharp devaluation.

“We are fighting minute by minute to avoid a sudden devaluation,” Industry Secretary José Ignacio De Mendiguren said on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Sebastián Negri, the head of the National Securities Commission (CNV) had acknowledged that the current moment is “dramatic”.

Against this backdrop, the Central Bank continued to sell dollars to meet market demand. It has lost $76 million this session and $1,800 so far in March. under development

Source: Clarin

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