Domestic worker day: when it falls and how much you have to pay her if she works

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Domestic workers across the country will enjoy next Monday 3 April, a non-working day by virtue of the Casa Particulares Staff Day. In this way, employers who require their services they will have to pay double for the working dayas established by current legislation.

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Since 2015 in Argentina, Every April 3 is Domestic Worker’s Daytherefore it was regulated with a resolution of the National Commission of work in private homes.

This very special date for all domestic workers has been defined by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the nation, in commemoration of the date on which the Law number 26844, better known as the Domestic Work Law, was definitively enacted . in 2013.

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Domestic Worker’s Day it’s a vacation for domestic workers it is a non-working day e It is up to the employee to take the whole day off. In case of need by the employer, the employee can work but should charge double for that day (or double for each hour worked if the arrangement is hourly).

From the union of domestic workers is characterized to this day “As if it were a Sunday or a public holiday” and it’s up to them to rest that day, just like corporate employees do in September, for example.

This week a new increase for private household staff has been defined, the increase will be 27% above the minimum wage, it will be paid in three installments of 14% in April7% in May and 6% in June.

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For the fifth categoryand the most requested locally, that of employees for general dutiessalary there will be $697.11 per hour and $85,585.50 per month, with withdrawal. And $751.83 an hour and $95,170.05 a month, for those without a pension.

For the fourth categorythe one of assistance and care of people: $751.83 per hour and $95,170.05 per month with pickup. And $841.32 per hour and $106,057.05 per month with no withdrawals.

For those framed in the third categorythe one of homemade: $751.83 per hour and $95,170.05 per month.

For the second categorythe one of personnel for specific tasks; $796.29 per hour and $97,544.1 per month with withdrawal. And $873.24 per hour and $108,583.29 per month for those who are not retired For the first category, that of supervisors: $841.32 per hour and $104,992.86 per month for retired personnel ; and $921.12 and $116,950.32 for those with no withdrawal.

Also, it will apply an additional 30% on minimum wages for each of the categories for personnel performing tasks in the provinces of La Pampa, Río Negro, Chubut, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego and in the Buenos Aires district of Patagones.


Source: Clarin

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