Poverty and destitution grow: when all stories explode

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Social poverty is a collective misfortune that we have been dragging on for almost half a century. However, its evolution has been clandestine and irregular; staggering Democratic leadership since the end of the long night of horror of the 1970s. According to some, a “neoliberalism” deployed seamlessly from 1976 to 2003 and briefly reissued between 2015 and 2019 was responsible. Others attribute the “populist” disgrace that began in 1945.

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Tribulations that spare the tiring effort of their analysis in search of solutions that replace it catchy slogans for militants of inflamed mind and verba. Poverty crept already germinal from the mid-60s. Its discovery in the 1980s enabled this perverse game of mutual blame.

Around the 1990s it ranged between 20 and 30% of the population. And even in the best times of the “won decade” he could not punch 25%. From 2012 to today it has only grown up to 18 million compatriots; and which includes the 54% of our children. Tellingly, she recovered her path to the top when Kirchnerism finished shaping the new low-intensity post-wage two-faced social citizenship: the material of the AUH and of the “cooperatives” (today “Potenciar Trabajo”) and the discursive of the poverty.

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It is administered by mayors and social movements whose most prodigious expressions have been concocted “from above” at the request less of trade unionists than of leaders rooted in the state that hold a critical portion of resources that can be redistributed for unspeakable purposes. In the meantime, We have followed a reverse path compared to that of our neighbors.

social poverty it advanced inexorably on sectors of the middle class, retirees and regular workers. Inside suburban from Buenos Aires its peaks are recorded by symptomatic indicators: ringing in residential neighborhoods asking for used clothing or food; and in the humble, by the number of men who come to the community kitchens.

The figures of this INDEC are still questionable: they measure only 31 agglomerations in the country (29 million people out of 46 nationally) and a basic food basket that delimits the “poverty line” estimated at 177,063 dollars. It would be interesting if our leaders came out of their bubbles to visit greengrocers and supermarkets and see if a typical family can live with dignity on that amount.

There for his second term, the current vice president has debunked the inflationary figures calculated by the National Congress which put it at 25%, noting that if it exceeded 15% the country would be blown up. For various reasons, he didn’t do it despite the climate of dense discontent perceptible on the street. There is no more pandemic or neoliberalism and it exceeds 100% annually; So, by now, he must have crossed the 40% barrier.

While this majority is impoverished, there is a minority who do nothing but thrive at their own expense. It is neither “oligarchy” nor “focused groups”, but the political nouveau riche and their diverse clientele responsible for the devastation of the state and parasitic capitalism; when not sold They’re lucky that the floodgates the company built for self-defense are still working. If the inflationary tide breaks them, heanomic implosion this time he will turn against his impotent city administrators. From neighborhoods where the daily exercise of survival buries all the stories.

Source: Clarin

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