Campaign questioned new farm dollar: ‘They are bent on prolonging a twisted saga of terror, it’s an unforgivable mistake’

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Before the national government officially implements a new agricultural dollar so that producers have access to a differential exchange rate, the Argentine Agricultural Federation (FAA) came out on Wednesday to criticize the measure and considered that it implies “the extension of a perverse saga of terror”.

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“Faced with rumors that the national government would launch what many call ‘a new edition of the soy dollar’, but we prefer to call it ‘another episode in a wicked horror saga‘, from the FAA we want to reiterate what we have expressed to all officials and the public: that would be a complete and utter mistake. Smooth and flat. an unforgivable mistake“, the agency stressed in a statement.

In this context, the FAA has warned that the measure “affects all producersespecially small and medium-sized”, given that “it has a full impact on the waterline, amidst the tremendous effects of various adverse weather conditions (historic drought, hailstorms and frosts)”.

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“We have said it a thousand times, and we repeat it once again, because it seems that the interlocutor does not understand it (or does he understand it, and continues to choose to punish us?)”, fired the agricultural sector.

Furthermore, they indicated that “almost none of the support measures announced (and even more than once) by the Government has yet been implemented” with regards to climate effects.

Surely there are friends of power who win with this measure. And the state itself can be raised with a few dollars. But all this is at our expense. Because not only do we not have dollars or production to sell to benefit us, but, as we have already said in previous editions, this measure would distort the whole scenario in which those of us who produce survive,” they stressed.

Against this background, they warned that the implementation of the new farm dollar” would cause increases in rents, food prices and fertilizers“, which “would thus complicate small farmers, dairy farmers, traditional farmers, family farmers and all producers in regional economies”.

“In fact, to apply it, the government would allocate billions of pesos, while they continue to expand the support they have pledged for the thousands of people devastated by drought, frost and hailstorms”, they stressed.

Finally, the Argentine Agrarian Federation ruled: “Yeah they cannot claim that they do not know the harmful effects they will cause. On the contrary, they appear to be looking for them. So we strongly ask the national government not to advance in this sense. May they, for once, give us a hand to help us, and not to continue beating us as we sink by the thousands”.

Source: Clarin

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