An Argentinian company invests 2.5 million dollars in its plant: it will double production and add more staff

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The agricultural machinery manufacturer Indecar has begun construction of a new industrial warehouse at its plant in Carmen de Areco, province of Buenos Aires, as part of a project that will require a total of 2.5 million dollars. The new sector It will have 2,000 covered square meters, which will be added to the 6,000 already existingtranslating into a 33% expansion of the covered area of ​​the plant.

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The investment in the new warehouse also includes state-of-the-art production technology, the modernization of the processing and laser cutting stations and the robotization of the welding area. All these equipments will significantly rationalize production, substantially reducing operating costs, production times, logistical complexity and environmental impact, maintaining the same finish quality and, at the same time, gaining production scale and market competitiveness. of the products.

“The goal of this decision is to continue growing in terms of volume and product offering. we have a great opportunity because the manufacturers have already discovered our equipment and we have to scale up to meet the increased demand, therefore, we have to increase the production volume. Starting with this expansion, we will be able to increase the volume of units per day by more than 100% and with more product lines,” he explains. Gaston Ricardopresident of Indecar.

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The new plants not only Frallows you to produce more than double the number of unitsbut also will give the system greater versatility, allowing the production of several models at the same time, as well as the necessary conditioning for new developments which are being tested and which will soon enter the production line.

Gastón Rircaro, at Expoagro 2023. Photo: JUAN JOSE GARCIA.

Gastón Rircaro, at Expoagro 2023. Photo: JUAN JOSE GARCIA.

The company’s growth is also seen in its professional staff which, so far this year, hasand increased by 40% between plant and retailersincorporating more and more personnel from the Carmen de Areco community and its area of ​​influence, with the contribution that this means for the social and economic growth of the region.

“Of course we are aware of the current problems, such as drought and the macroeconomic conditions of the country, but we only think about producing more and better products. We have our eyes on the long term and feel that Indecar is becoming a reference brand for leading manufacturers. And, above all, they are the ones who encourage us to continue betting on innovation and growth”, says Ricardo.

Source: Clarin

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