Pre-Trip 4: what can exclude you from the advantage

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Start the Previaje 4. From this Wednesday until next Tuesday, interested parties will be able to purchase tickets, overnight stays, excursions, packages and all types of tourist services, and therefore receive a 50% refund. (and 70% for PAMI retirees). But there are certain requirements that yes or yes must be met in order not to be excluded from the benefit.

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First of all, there is a period of just seven days to buy (from 19 to 25 April) and get the discount; a few more days (until April 28) to continue uploading receipts; and a window that goes by From 24 May to 30 June 2023 travel.

Pre-Trip 4: why you can lose your 50% refund.

  • Invoices or receipts for accommodation services are not accepted domiciled in the same municipality of residence as the purchaser.
  • Cash purchases are not accepted. The services must be paid for by debit and/or credit card, electronic payment, virtual wallet or bank transfer.
  • Purchases of wholesale services are not countednor those carried out according to the modality “payment on arrival“, nor the temporary rental of houses, apartments or premises for domestic or residential use.
  • that the the suppliers are not registered. The list can be consulted on the official page of the programme.

    Also, keep in mind: they will be electronically issued invoices and receipts B or C are valid, with CAE, in the name of the buyer, including the type and number of the document, and the description of the contracted services: dates, destinations, number of passengers, etc.

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    Therefore, domestic long-distance land tickets and cabotage air tickets will also be valid. And you must keep the proof of payment.

    Cash purchases are not accepted with PreTrip 4.  Photo courtesy of The Vines.

    Cash purchases are not accepted with PreTrip 4. Photo courtesy of The Vines.

    Pre-trip 4: how to receive a refund

    50% is refunded through a preloaded card from Banco Nación, can also be connected to the BNA+ app, to pay at participating establishments by scanning a QR code. The cost of issuing and shipping the card is $420 + VAT and will be deducted from your balance.

    The advantage granted will be available from the start date of each trip. If the credit remains in favor after the trip, it will be possible to continue using it in gastronomic or cultural activities until October 31, 2023.

    Starting April 19, a graph will be displayed on the Pre-Travel website indicating the percentage of the budget spent destined for this edition. When the graph reaches 100%, it means that the budget allocated to the program has been fully used. Then, Registration will be closed and it will not be possible to continue uploading vouchers.

    Reyes Hot Springs, Jujuy.  Photo Facebook Hotel Spa Termas de Reyes.

    Reyes Hot Springs, Jujuy. Photo Facebook Hotel Spa Termas de Reyes.

    Pre-trip 4: How do I know that the loaded vouchers have been validated?

    Once the vouchers have been validated, the benefit will be reflected in the user’s profile and you will also receive an email informing you that they have been validated.

    Pre-Trip 4: how to use it

    • Enter the Previaje official website: Create an account and complete the registration form.
    • Create a trip and specify origin, destination, departure date and return.
    • Apply for reimbursement through the program website.
    • Verify the benefit after validating the vouchers.

    Pre-trip 4: requirements

    • Be over 18. Have a CUIT/CUIL and at least level 3 tax identification number for authentication.
    • Search for a provider within the plan’s list.
    • Register in Mi Argentina – Level 3, with validation of biometric data.


    Source: Clarin

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