Income and personal assets: change the minimum salary from which it is mandatory to make the declaration

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The AFIP has increased by 78.37% the amount of salaries starting from which employees are obliged to present the informative sworn declarations for income tax purposes. Personal income and assets of the tax period 2022.

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For fiscal 2021, the amount was $3,700,000, and for 2022, it was increased to $6,600,000 annually.

is the increment is less than inflation from 94.8% in 2022.

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“Thus, when gross compensation (taxed, exempt, and/or unmet) earned in the year 2022 equals or exceeds $6,600,000, Affidavits must be submitted informative,” explained tax official Sebastián Domínguez.

The due date for filing is June 30, 2023.

An important aspect of the change introduced by AFIP General Resolution 5349 is that it establishes this amount it will be updated annually automatically considering the same parameter that is used to update the deductions and Irpef rates, i.e. the RIPTE variation (Taxable remuneration of stable workers).

As, you no longer have to wait the issue of a General Resolution which updates the value from year to year.

“Inferences, scales and other concepts should be updated by the change in the CPI (Consumer Price Index) elaborated by INDEC starting from the variation of the RIPTE It is not a parameter linked to the ability to pay of an income tax payer,” Domínguez said.

“On the other hand – he adds – it is important to remember that employees who have to pay Irpef (for example because the employer has not correctly made the withholding taxes, have other income, etc.) and/or assets (because the assets valued in accordance with the law exceed the applicable non-taxable minimum), must present the definitive affidavits instead of informative ones”.

In that case, the filing dates are different. The due dates for these decisive deposits and for the payment of the resulting balance, if any, are:

For CUIT ending in 0-1-2-3:

  • Presentation June 12, 2023
  • Payment: June 13, 2023

For CUIT ending in 4-5-6:

  • Presentation: June 13th
  • Payment: June 14th

For CUIT ending in 7-8-9

  • Presentation: June 14th
  • Payment: June 15th

Source: Clarin

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