25,000 people have already started the pension moratorium process: what are the requirements to retire without contributions

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Less than 2 weeks after the start of the pension moratorium, About 25,000 people have started the process of retiring through PPDP (Pension Debt Payment Plan).

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It is estimated that in less than 60 days they could collect the pension credit, once ANSeS verifies the possession of all the requisites, including the socio-patrimonial assessment.

If you do not meet these requirements they can even retire but by paying the entire debt of the moratorium in one paymentbefore collecting the pension credit.

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It is estimated that most would charge the minimum ($58,665 plus any bonds) minus the debt payment which, on average, is about $12,500.

Of the people who initiated the process, according to ANSeS:

  • About 70% are women and about 30% are men.
  • The average age is 63 years (61 for women and 67 for men).
  • The vast majority of people will cancel their Payment Plan within the maximum term, which is 120 installments.
  • THE average salary monthly is approx $12,500.
  • Half of those who started the process live in the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Córdoba follows, with 6.9%; Mendoza, 5.3%; City of Buenos Aires 4.8% and Santa Fe, 4.7%.

What are the requirements to enter the moratorium and retire without contributions

The requirements of the socio-patrimonial assessment carried out by ANSeS in order to be able to pay the moratorium in installments are:

• He spending and consumption monthly average corresponding to the last 12 months prior to the assessment date cannot exceed 80% of the current limit for family allowance entitlement: $323,249 (0.80 x 404,062) “For this purpose, the expenses incurred will be taken into account with credit and/or debit cards communicated by financial institutions”, reads the resolution.

• Statement of assets in deeds of notoriety Personal property tax that does not exceed 2.4 times the annualized amount of the limit for receiving child benefit, which is equivalent to $11,636,985 (404.062 x12 x 2.4) without considering one’s home (“family”).

Automotive sector: You cannot have a vehicle whose value exceeds the limit to receive the annualized benefit — $404,062 x 12, or $4,848,744 — according to values ​​reported by the National Directorate of National Automotive Property Registries.

• Failure to register the possession of assets reported by the National Administration of Aviation Civil, nor the possession of vessels longer than 9 meters reported by the Argentine Naval Prefecture.

Source: Clarin

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