New tariff increase: they confirm that in May they will remove all subsidies for the highest income

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In response to request for the latest “staff report” of the International Monetary Fundthe government has confirmed that as of May they will remove all subsidies to the cost of electricity received by the N1 level, which is the one with the highest income.

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To be all over the countrybut the greatest impact will be felt in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

The person in charge of detailing the next increase was the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royón, in the framework of a meeting on the energy sector of IDEA in Neuquén.

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The impact on the bills of this group of consumers it could reach 60%, according to official estimates.

Energy had been implementing the subsidy removal in stages, but stopped in February. I saw it many families had not been registered of subsidies and, therefore, were registered as N1, i.e. families with high purchasing power.

In recent months, the Government has gone in search of pensioners and other low- and middle-income families who had not registered. Now they feel it They have already done everything possible to prevent the removal of benefits from falling on those who still need them.

N1 families, that is more than 4.5 million, will have to pay the full cost of electricity. It’s called PEST. And it is estimated that it will reach $20,000 per unit in the winter. homes they will have to pay for it in full.

Until now, PEST was lower (above $13,000) and N1 households were paying up to $9,000. The increase compared to what is paid will be about 90%.

The impact on ballots varies by area. In Buenos Aires, the cost of electricity has a greater impact on the bill than on distribution. Therefore, an official estimate is that the increase will be 60%.

Neuquén (special envoy)

Source: Clarin

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