Home Business Artekium, a technological company that researches and trains personnel throughout the national territory

Artekium, a technological company that researches and trains personnel throughout the national territory

Artekium, a technological company that researches and trains personnel throughout the national territory

“Our greatest asset is the people who accompany us, that’s why we take care of them as much as possible and invest a lot in training, and this shows that we have a much lower turnover rate than the rest of the sector,” says Nicolás Piazzo, one of the founders of Artekium (“Art plus technology”, he explains) and Commercial Director and Human Capital of the company.

The company was born in 2019 and “the first thing we defined was what kind of company we want to be. And we engage with people, which is the most important thing a company can have. It’s not a slogan, it’s something we know from personal experience because all the founders have worked from an early age”. They arrive grow by about 50% annually and in a few days they inaugurate their offices in Madrid. “Spain seems like a fantastic place to us as a hub for the entire eurozone,” she said.

He explains that “we were born with a federal footprint. We have offices in many Argentine provinces that we use not so much to work, we have many home offices, but to meet collaborators, they have a more social use. We travel a lot to meet those who accompany us” And he clarifies that “we personally choose our people and we also try to make agreements with the public sector of each city to offer our training courses. To have staff? Yes, certainly; but above all to offer dignified and cost-free work opportunities”.

There must be some truth in Piazzo’s speech because they already are two consecutive years among the top 10 employers according to the Great Place to Work ranking. This would be one possible explanation for the 50 resumes they claim to receive on average per day, of course.

Artekium, and probably the entire industry, suffers from two major problems. “One of them is the gap between the official and the free dollar, which causes us many problems. Salaries in this sector are dollarized and we cannot compete with off shore offers. It is something that makes us less competitive when it comes to obtaining clients”.

The second is manpower shortage. “We lack specialists. This must be a strategic sector for the country. We have a sort of natural talent for software, so much so that an Argentinean can do the work of more technicians than other countries. It is a kind of gift that is the result of lack I believe”.

Of course, the search and training of personnel has a goal. “To digitally transform is to change the culture of companies. It involves the whole company in one way or another. It’s not just technology, but processes as a whole” explains Piazzo.

“Imposing technology is not the solution. We think technology should be at the service of people,” added Piazzo. “At Artekium we enter into the customer’s problems and offer them a complete, possible and adequate solution. We know that changing a single brick does not make a wall more solid.”

They start from the base that technologies are highly adaptable. “Many companies buy software in packages. And sometimes they are useless. In these cases, we try to modify the environment to be complementary. We never say “this is useless” just to work less or sell our proposal. We serve reality diverse both in the country abroad and we do this in a wide range of industries and sectors”.

The idea is to provide software-based technology solutions that help their customers gain competitive advantage in the digital world. “For this, we rely on three key services:

* digital transformation: Aimed at those companies that need to convert their business into a digital business, eliminate paperwork, automate processes or provide a digital experience to their customers. Digital transformation means a culture shift in the way our customers operate and do business. Artekium makes its knowledge, experience and working methodology available so that cultural change is profound, sustained over time and without stress for the organization.

* digital evolution: This service is intended for companies that have already gone through a digital transformation process. It focuses on discovering opportunities for business evolution by identifying emerging technologies that can scale business, provide disruptive ways of doing business, or improve customer experience.

* digital acceleration: It consists of a set of predefined artifacts and methodologies that can accelerate our customers’ digital processes. For example: migrating applications to cloud architectures allows companies to scale faster as demand grows and allows digital platforms to be continually updated to provide rapid response to market demand. Another example is the development of APIs that enable business opening through the exposure of services that facilitate interaction with the ecosystem. A good example is banking APIs which have fostered the growth of the fintech ecosystem.

place gets excited and concludes saying that “at Artekium we believe that Argentina has enormous potential and a unique opportunity to position itself as a producer of technology worldwide. From our place, we invest heavily in training our collaborators and in attracting talent from all over the country In addition, we have created our own training center and have articulated with the education sector so that students receive complementary training.We understand that there is a large unmet demand in the technology sector and we want to be active participants in the training of new talent”.

Source: Clarin


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