Technological pole in Uruguay with an Argentinian style: how to bring together entrepreneurs and businessmen who have settled there

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The flight of the elite of entrepreneurs and traditional businessmen to Uruguay over the past three years has become an opportunity for Valentin Bueno.

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About 30 thousand Argentines, founders of technological unicorns, industrialists, owners of pharmaceutical laboratories, bankers and agricultural producers settled there.

And this publicist, with a birth certificate in Mendoza, set up a company for help them deal with business on the other side.

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Lately, Montevideo has been considered the place in Latin America that, due to the free exchange, lower tax burden, access to imports and legal certainty, facilitates the functioning of companies.

Uruguay, the chosen one

“Uruguay has the conditions to be able to invest: an excellent legal platform like that of Portugal or Ireland and has a very favorable tax ecosystem for global trade while Argentina has made businessmen, just because they reside in their country, have problems with their companies internationally,” Bueno said clarion.

happy valentine

happy valentine

Through Skywalker Investments, which brings together its Argentine partners, it has disbursed 25 million dollars for the development of the El Globo complex.

It is a hub of enterprise and innovation steps from the Buquebus terminal. It is the second development of this group investing in technology companies in the region.

Bueno is the managing director for the Worldcom OOH region, an expert in out-of-home advertising across multiple formats and platforms.

His company had one exponential growth in the hands of those customers who are multinationalsThis is the case for McDonald’s, Colombian airlines Rappi, Remax, Paramount, Disney, WeWork, Omega, American airlines and United, and automakers Ford and Land Rover, just to name a few. Through Artificial Intelligence they measure the impact in real time. They have just landed in London which is added to its headquarters in Madrid and to those they have in this continent.

The old El Globo hotel

He confesses that when he arrived in Montevideo, “I saw the old El Globo hotel collapse and it was an engine to think about an ecosystem for those seeking to establish relationships and position their companies,” he explained.

So, they started recycling five buildings in the Old City, all within 100 meters of each other.

The Palacio Salvo, one of the iconic buildings of the Old Town of Montevideo

The Palacio Salvo, one of the iconic buildings of the Old Town of Montevideo

The old El Globo hotel was born in 1877 and is emblematic: it has hosted politicians, musicians and businessmen. The idea is for it to be reborn as a hotel industry, with a gastronomy and service sector. “Its purpose is to consolidate a place where amplify the synergy between entrepreneurs and entrepreneursthat they can go to a meeting, use the rooms, the fiscal address, the services ”, explains Bueno.

The project is digital and members will be able to book all services from an online platform. It is completed by the other buildings in the neighborhood, with which they will be accounted for in totall 26,000 meters. There will be coliving spaces with one to three-room apartments for longer stays, offices of different sizes and longer stays for companies looking for more traditional spaces and parking.

tax residency

In turn, in the different buildings there are open spaces, a gym and an art gallery. The enhancement of the neighborhood is aligned with a Initiative of the Uruguayan government to revitalize the Old City.

But one of the main attractions of the project for the Argentines is that when it comes to the purchase of a horizontal property, the investment is calculated as housing and contributes the necessary amount to process tax residency in the neighboring country. w

Source: Clarin

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