A measure of force paralyzes the sale of properties in the province of Buenos Aires

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A prolonged measure of force inside Real Estate Register of the Province of Buenos Airesstarted in early March paralyzed a long list of procedures which affect the normal development of the real estate market in Buenos Aires.

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The colleges of notaries from every part of the Province, together with those of lawyers and surveyors, have long been asking for a solution to the conflict that continues and seems to have no end. Industry sources pointed out that this kind of strike in the Registry they are recurring every year.

The measure of strength – which provides for the retention of tasks and a state of permanent assembly in job improvement requests – began on March 10 and complicates the attention of users throughout the province who has to go on site to carry out paperwork relating to real estate transactions.

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The Association of Notaries of Buenos Aires has released a statement to explain the consequences of the provision.

“The operation of the unit is made difficult and the provision of the recording service is significantly affected, generating delays in the issuance of reports, certificates and transcripts of deedswhich makes it impossible to establish certain deadlines and generate uncertainty in the various notarial procedures”, reads the note.

The letter reads that “from 14 March the entry of documentation with the type of Urgent Procedure and the day is suspended, both through the physical desk and through the virtual desk”.

And he adds that “the delays that are occurring in the notarial practices are not attributable to the notaries, but rather a consequence of the conflict between the employees of the RPI province of Buenos Aires and the agency, which seriously impairs the registry service. “

The measurement of trade union strength impacts simultaneously in several areas. On one side paralyzes the real estate market for the factsTherefore, there is less collection for the Province of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, it also interrupts all the part preceding the signing of the rental contractsfor the necessary real estate reports which are presented as collateral when a property is rented out.

Employees of the Real Estate Registry explained to the newspaper La Plata The day that “the conflict broke out on March 2. We are self-convoked workers, and only one union accompanies the measure”.

“There is a historic call for re-hierarchization so that there is a commensurate compensation with the collection that is generated in the body and from the technical and specific activity that we carry out for which there is specific preventive training. We have civil and criminal responsibilities,” they said from the conflicting sector.

Source: Clarin

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