Reverse of the INDEC: Friday 12 will give data on inflation for April, before the elections in five provinces

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INDEC will reverse the decision to change the data publication schedule. In particular, it will revert to the original April dates and inflation.We will know on Friday 12, and not on Monday 15, as communicated this morning. The information has been confirmed to Clarín by senior official sources.

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The decision to change the calendar was motivated by the fact that there are elections in the provinces of on Sunday 14 May The Pampas; Saint John; jump; Tucumán and Tierra del Fuego.

Director of INDEC, Marco Lavagnahad considered that the information shouldn’t be out on Friday at 4pmthat is, in the space of electoral ban.

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It is worth mentioning that the explosive inflation of 7.7% in March It became known on Friday 14 April. The following Sunday they voted in Neuquén and Río Negro.

In other words, the INDEC he equated the official statistic to an election campaign piece.

Around 18:30, INDEC confirmed the advance payment of clarion. “The director of INDEC, Marco Lavagna, informs that the changes to the anticipated calendar were announced this morning will be ineffective and the technical reports will be disseminated on the dates originally established twelve months ago.”

“Lavagna regretted that the intention to separate the Institute’s statistical work from the electoral process was misinterpreted and suspicions aroused about the integrity of INDEC’s technical teams”

“We believe it is good practice not to provide statistical information in the midst of the shutdown but, given the controversy it has caused, the four dates will remain in their originally established pattern”.

“We apologize and soon the dates will be restored on the website”

After the controversy, INDEC reversed its decision to change the data publication schedule. Notably, it has reverted to its original dates and April inflation will be known on Friday the 12th, not Monday the 15th as reported this morning.

The decision to modify the calendar was justified by the fact that on Sunday 14 May there are elections in the provinces of -La Pampa; Saint John; jump; Tucumán and Tierra del Fuego.

INDEC’s reaction to the return to the original calendar occurred in response to the strong controversy which this morning has awakened the well-known perturbation.

again the suspicions of manipulation of information flew over INDEC. Now it was not, in principle, that the inflation numbers are misrepresented, but that the body that manages the official statistics had decided to delay the release of the April consumer price index by 72 hours. Manipulating time, not data.

The original date for making this information known was Friday 12 May, but it was decided to move everything to Monday 15. Sunday 14 there are elections in five provinces, -La Pampa; Saint John; jump; Tucumán and Tierra del Fuego- and the director of INDEC, Marco Lavagna, have understood that the report that will be released on Friday 12 at 16:00 will coincide, inconveniently, with the electoral call that will begin that Friday at 20:00 am.

clarion He consulted INDEC sources why, if the issue was the ban, the April CPI spread was not brought forward for Thursday the 11th. The answer was that it is “technically” difficult, though not impossible. “The technical management of the IPC area has the data 48 hours before their public dissemination. Those 48 hours are for a final review and press release preparation,” the sources said.

In its statement this Wednesday, INDEC indicated that it had taken the decision, canceled in the afternoon, to update the calendar for the dissemination of publications -including the April consumer price index-, “because the original calendar coincided with the dates of the electoral announcement in various provinces”.

The INDEC underlined that, “by rechecking the publications scheduled for this month, we found dates that coincided with the post-installed ban on provincial elections of our annual dissemination scheme. The technical reports that were scheduled on the four Fridays of the ban, have been rescheduled for the first available working day”, i.e. the following Monday.

In this way we would know the numbers on the evolution of inflation or supermarket sales after the elections of the governor and other provincial authorities which will be held in Pampa, San Juan, Salta, Tucumán and Tierra del Fuego.

In this context, the circulation of the Consumer Price Index for April went from Friday 12th to Monday 15th.

Meanwhile, the new June calendar provides for the spread of sales in supermarkets, wholesalers and shopping centers to go from Friday 23rd to Wednesday 28th, given that three more reports are already scheduled for Monday 26th.

For October: the outcome of the September trade exchange will be known on Monday 23 instead of Friday 20 and the same will happen with that report in November, moving its dissemination from Friday 17 to Monday 20, added the agency, among others changes.


Source: Clarin

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