Auto production rose 24.1% in April and is up more than 26% so far this year

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Vehicle manufacturing was 54,399 units in April, up 24.1 percent from the same month a year earlier, the Association of Automobile Manufacturers reported (ADEFA).

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Terminals produced at a good pace, although April’s result was 11% lower than March’s (with four fewer working days). But so far this year the automakers have come together 188,973 units26.9% more than in the first four months of 2022.

Again, most of April’s production (55% of total) it was for export: 30,736 units were shipped overseas.

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The terminals have exported 98,474 units so far this year. Most of these overseas sales continue to have Brazil as destination (60% of exports of the first quarter) but there are three countries that are gaining weight as customers of local car manufacturers: Colombia (8.4% of exports), kilos (8.3%) and Peru (7.4%). Exports to countries of central Americataken as a whole, it also accounts for 8.4% of shipments.

“The sector continues to consolidate the projected scenario of increasing production and exports in line with the scenario projected at the beginning of the year,” he said. Martino Galdeanopresident of ADEFA.

Galdeano is also president of Ford Argentinathe only automaker in the industry to launch a new model Locally produced, the new version of the Ranger pick up. Using diplomatic language, Galdeano alluded in the ADEFA communiqué to the “challenges” that automakers face in meeting their production schedules, in particular be able to import auto parts and supplies in a context of growing import restrictions.

“It is necessary to continue to work and dialogue with each of the players in the value chain and the various official bodies to maintain this growth trend in our sector and contribute to the prompt resolution of the challenges imposed by the situation and which impact on our value chain”, highlighted the manager.

As for the domestic market, the ADEFA report showed that the automotive sector as a whole sold to the dealer network in April 33,795 unitsA 9.5% above the volume for the same month of the year and 11.3% less than March deliveries.

In the first quarter, overall 124,119 units12.6% more than the 110,267 units delivered between January and April of the previous year.

The automotive terminals grouped in ADEFA today have almost the whole of the internal market. While historically brands with plants in Argentina held more than 90% of that market (between units produced in the country destined for dealers and units they import), now that share exceeds 97%, while distributors of brands without a plant in the country have reduced their stake to less than 3%.

Source: Clarin

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