Oil workers await Guzmán’s speech: what is the B part of a thriving industry

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Oil workers await Guzmán's speech: what is the B part of a thriving industry

Economy Minister Martín Guzmán in a statement recorded last year on Idea.

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Although Martín Guzmán will speak to them through zoom, among today’s oil tanker meetings in Neuquén there is growing hope in his speech, at the speed of the blows received by the Minister of Economy from the ruling coalition itself.

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By the way, they prepared some questions for Guzmán that were almost indistinguishable. In the corridors while different companies ensure that the time to invest in energy is nowthere are others that count side B.

Asked about the concerns, a CEO listed asking off the record: inflation, exchange rate volatility and a gap that could grow, access to foreign currency to pay dividends to major companies and the specter of new taxes such as windfall rent.

In the corridors of the Casino hotel, one of the most consulted was taxpayer Guillermo Pérez, who described various reasons for “declare it unconstitutional”assured.

When asked about the returns, another manager said that “the price of fuels it’s too late 35 to 40% of the market price but since Argentina recognizes a lower value, fuel should rise by 8 to 10%. This means an effort in the face of a need for that fuel growing by field, energy and other sectors of the economy at 15% per year ”.

Regarding the limitations, Mariano Bosh, and CEO of Adecoagro, made it clear. “Every time we look to invest in biofuels in Argentina, we are not closed by regulations.s and we see a more organized Brazil with an important role to play. In Brazil we are one of the leaders in ethanol and in in the last ten years we have invested US $ 1,500 million of 170 thousand hectares of sugarcane planted to obtain ethanol ”.

Teófilo Lacroze, president of Raizen, a joint venture between Shell and a Brazilian group, released: “They’re talking about transferring the energy we have here to biofuels.” And he told Bosch online that they are the main producer of ethanol in Brazil. “We are in a region where everything has to grow, basta rules need to endure “, synthesized

Another topic that came up in the talks was diesel, which has almost normalized supply in recent weeks and which paralyzed activities disappear within a few days at the height of the harvest.

According to Argentina it needs to import approximately 200 million cubic meters per month and that represents 20% of consumption. YPF leads this market with 50% of sales and he is the main importer followed by PAE, Raizen and Transfigura. The problem, they say, it is US $ 200 million is set to bring in diesel but due to current tariffs the companies are losing 100 million dollars per month. The main one, YPF.

Those excited about the pipeline slipped into another unexpected problem. And this is the negotiation that is coming for the route with the Mapuches.

They commented that it was original people already already have long relationships with oil companies in providing services. They have transportation, cleaning, and food companies that supply the camps. They think it will mean negotiation. Exactly, the Mapuchs delivered a letter to Alberto Fernández warning that consult before carrying out the construction of the gas pipeline and compensate them for the damage.

Source: Clarin

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