Syngenta detaches itself from Aracre and tries to resolve the “technical differences” with the Customs

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The multinational agricultural inputs Syngenta, of Chinese capital, has officially announced that it is working with the Customs to resolve the “technical differences relating to the operations of previous years, during the presidency of Antonio Aracre”, the former chief adviser to the president Alberto Fernández, who After resigning from the company in December 2022, was an official for three months

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They noted that “Antonio Aracre currently has no relationship with the company, nor with its management or advisory bodies at the local, regional or People’s Republic of China levels.” And they stressed that “Mr. Aracre’s public statements do not represent the company’s position.”

The press release was created in response to the numerous questions raised and in the light of the news reports of recent days, which have raised suspicions about operations carried out under the guidance of Aracre. In this context, Syngenta Agro SA reiterated that “it only expresses itself through its channels official institutions”.

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They reported that, this Monday, the institutional representatives of Syngenta Agro SA met with the customs authorities where they agreed to work together to analyze the technical differences related to the previous years’ operations under Mr. Aracre’s presidency.”

In addition, aspects relating to the payment of imports in yuan were addressed, with respect to which it is believed that the agricultural input company can play an important role in helping to make this instrument viable.”

Finally, they stressed that “Syngenta always operates in compliance with local and international standards and regulations and reaffirms its long-term commitment to Argentina”.

Source: Clarin

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