Carlos Melconian pointed out against Sergio Massa: “Playing who wants to stand as a candidate in this context borders on irresponsibility”

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Carlos Melconian accused this Saturday against the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaassuring that his indecision to stay in place or be Candidate President “In this context, it already borders on irresponsibility.”

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Furthermore, he compared the government and its next goals with a team led by Ricardo Caruso Lombardi, arguing that he “never” expected “another end” for this administration than the one directly connected to the histrionic technical director: “Saved from relegation”.

Talking with Radio Mithras, Melconian began by refusing to give “public advice” to the head of the economic portfolio “on what he should do”, but dismissed: “The first central question is that in the private sector he should finish defining what he wants. It’s not that he puts the person first because the country comes first, but he has to finish defining what he wants to do, To play at being a candidate in this context already borders on irresponsibility”.

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You’ll have to stop this hystericsI flirt with the candidacy, that of resolutely focusing on what I define as a great transition, because this must last until December 10,” he said, referring to the date on which Argentina will change president, after the decline of Alberto Fernández he will run again.

The former president of Banco Nación also warned of possible announcements that Massa could make in the next few hours, after the meeting with his working group, with inflation at 8.4% in April behind him and the orders of the International Monetary Fund.

“It is assumed that the coldness of the classic format with which the minister took office was wearing off. It was already a goat party. Time finally shows how things are. Remember (Ricardo) Caruso Lombardi. never ever, I never expected the end of this administration to be anything but a success for Caruso: saving himself from relegation.”.

And he added: “If at minute zero, before the start of the match, you think you can be Caruso, at minute 80, exhausted, you won’t pretend to play in the World Cup. And pay attention to tomorrow’s measures, which aren’t the classic substitution 5 minutes from the end when you’re down 4-0 and you remove 3 defenders and put in 3 forwards, i.e. for the stands. That we will go to freeze, to look at the gondolas, that is, for the grandstands”.

Melconian declined to characterize the IMF’s demand for the $10.5 billion disbursement as an “exchange adjustment” and described “curls” with Brazilian silver, the use of the yuan and the Fund’s own currency as “unsustainable”.

“So when I say abandon the electoral adventure and take stock of reality, it is a very important task. The minister must know that either he works for the Argentines and their future, or he continues in this last electoral month to see if he is a candidate or not.

Regarding possible announcements, he speculated that “because the tribune will say many thingsbecause you always have to throw something in the stands”.

“But I imagine he will have to go back to the sources, he will have to oxygenate his defensive neoclassical scheme. Massa has never had an agendahad a very modest scheme until last year to stabilize the instability,” he said.

And to that effect, he added: “The biggest enemy was the big one and now you’re going to have to go back to a more defensive, more precarious pattern, to land the plane.”

The plane was the metaphor the economist used to portray the Argentine economy and spoke of landing it in the Hudson River, New York, as American Airways Flight 1549 did on January 15, 2009 due to technical damage.

And to achieve this, he explained, the government “must define at some point what awaits us if the ruling party will have a collaborative or comforting spirit when thinking about the country, the next transition and who it will have to speak to.”

“There is nothing that can be done in Argentina from 2024 that does not need political consensus and agreement. I speak in terms of what the polls say, that this administration is over.”

Subsequently, Melconian returned to the terms of football and stated that “no one is going to go out to play a game saying ‘I prepare knowing the result and that I lose'”.

After excluding Massa “going home” and that he will be Economy Minister until the end of the Fernández government, he said: “To land the Jumbo East in the Hudson River, go through electoral periods like PASO in August and the general election of October.

“And then there’s the preemptive switch to a stabilization program that will be in the hands of another government. You have to tell Argentine society that it has to be calm, that things have to be fixed and that everything this administration has to deal with, added to what is already angry, will have to be resolved by those who come,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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