Dollar today and blue dollar, LIVE: how much is being traded and what is its price this May 16, minute by minute

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The Blue Dollar closed this Monday at $483 on sale and $478 to purchase, after collecting 9 pesos during the day. The official, meanwhile, closed at $240 selling and $230 buying, after rising $1.50 during the day.


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New in development

Imports: the government threatens more controls and asks companies to use their dollars

On the first day of the launch of the measures announced to contain the effects of the surge in inflation, the Government continued to evaluate the next steps. Sergio Massa’s team says they have on file a package with increased controls on imports from companies that violate price agreements and a device for companies that use foreign dollars to import, which today accounts for 6% of authorized permits.

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The Economy Minister received this Monday the head of customs, Guillermo Michel, and the legal secretary, Ricardo Casal to analyze these problems. The meeting coincided with the entry into force of the 6-point rate hike, which brought the yield on fixed maturities to 97% per annum, and in which the Central Bank was able to purchase 60 million dollars, without however being able to prevent the blue dollar will jump to $483, which has brought the exchange rate gap with the wholesaler to 110%. To know more.

The IMF analyzes the new Massa measures and warns about fiscal adjustment and reserves

The International Monetary Fund said on Monday it was evaluating measures put in place by Minister Sergio Massa to try to stop the skyrocketing price index and added it was continuing to negotiate ways to “strengthen the programme” to reduce the inflation, which includes fiscal adjustment and reserve strengthening.

Before a question from Clarín, an IMF spokesman said they were “evaluating the measures” Massa took this weekend, after the April price index was announced on Friday, which rose to 8, 4%. To know more.

The blue dollar closed at $483 on Monday

After surging 9 pesos on the day, the blue dollar closed this Monday at $483 selling and $478 buying.

The CCL dollar, used by businesses to transfer foreign currency, closed at $453.96, three pesos higher than on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the deputy dollar, the result of the buying and selling of bonds, also increased the sum to $435.43.

Source: Clarin

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