Price distortion: In Misiones, premium gasoline is more expensive than premium in Buenos Aires

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Filling up a car’s tank with premium gas inside Misiones is more expensive than doing it with premium fuel in the city of Buenos Aires. The absurdity materialized this week, when YPF applied hikes of nearly 5% in the value of fuels at its points of sale in the province, widening the gap between suppliers in the center and northeast of the country.

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A motorist loading 45 liters of premium petrol into a YPF vending machine in Buenos Aires pays 10,471.50 pesosbut if refueling is done in the city of Falls, for the same amount of liters must disburse 13,122 pesos (+25%). If you choose to save up and do it with super, you will pay 10,566 pesos, that is almost a hundred pesos more than you pay at a pump in CABA for that 45-liter Infinia.

With increases this week, within Misiones YPF sells premium gasoline at 291.60 pesos per liter and premium at 234.80 pesos; while common diesel rose to 261 pesos; and premium diesel reached 347.80 pesos.

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In Posadas the oil company has the prices a little lowerYes but the mission capital is still one of the most expensive places to fill up your tank, either petrol or diesel. The prices of the other oil companies are even higher.

If YPF’s higher prices in Misiones are taken and compared to the company’s Buenos Aires pumps, in Tierra Colorada motorists pay 50.10 pesos more per liter of super petrol and 58.90 pesos more per liter of premium petrol. In diesel the differences are even greater: 62.60 pesos in the municipality and 69.10 in the Infinia.

The differences are such that in Misiones the owner of a lorry that refuels twice a month of 70 liters each has to pay almost 10,000 pesos extra for the same amount of fuel that a porteño carries.

The gap has also widened within the country because the oil companies have not respected the percentage increases they had agreed with the government last year. In Misiones, the border service stations maintain their level of sales, largely thanks to the application for motorists from Brazil and Paraguay.

The president of the Northeast Chamber of Fuel and Allied Vendors, Faruk Jalaf, had already warned last year that the price difference between CABA suppliers and those in the interior of the country would widen more and more. “It’s because they charge a percentage raise. It would be different if a fixed sum were applied per liter throughout the territory,” he added.

With regard to the latest update of the values ​​by the oil companies, the leader stated that “we shouldn’t be talking about an increase, but a decrease in the price of fuel, because if there were inflation of 8.4% and gasoline increased by 4%, it means that the cost decreased by 4.4% due to the devaluation that our currency has suffered”.

Posadas (corresponding)

Source: Clarin

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