Promote work: simplify the process so that they can access retirement

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The Ministry of Social Development and ANSeS have announced a simplification of the procedure so that the beneficiaries of the Potenciar Trabajo plan can retire. The initiative is estimated to help around 10,000 people across the country.

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That’s the estimate approximately 10,000 people across the country will be able to start their practice in any Comprehensive Care Unit (UDAI) without interrupting the collection of the benefit until they start drawing retirement savings.

Job Potential: Requirements

  • The procedure is available from 22 May 2023 and for 60 days.
  • Exclusive Potenciar Trabajo: they can be presented at any ANSeS office, from Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 16:00, and without shifts.
  • For women over 60 and men over 65 who are holders of Potenciar Trabajo.
  • Those who meet the requirements will receive a WhatsApp message from Mi Argentina’s TINA account, inviting them to go to the UDAI closest to their home to start the retirement process.
  • The procedure is free and both the Ministry of Social Development and ANSeS will provide information to holders throughout the process. As, the intervention of managers or intermediaries is not required.
  • Those who have outstanding contribution periods can join the Pension Debt Payment Plan.
  • Upon retirement, in addition to the assets, they will have PAMI health coverage.

Frequent questions

  • What is Potenziar Trabajo?

The National Program for Socio-productive Inclusion and Local Development “Potenciar Trabajo”, unifies the Hacemos Futuro and Salario Social Complementari programsor in a single initiative.

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  • What’s your goal?

It is proposed to contribute to improve employment and generate new production proposals through the development of socio-productive, socio-community, socio-labour and educational completion projects, in order to promote social inclusion full for people who are in a situation of social and economic vulnerability.

  • What considerations should owners make?

Program holders may choose to earn their consideration through participation in socio-productive, socio-employment, and/or socio-community projects or through the completion of studies.


Source: Clarin

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