Job searches: The target average salary has already exceeded $250,000

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The median required salary for job seekers was $252,370 a month in April. That means a 3.3% increase over the previous month’s ea go below inflationaccording to the latest survey of the Labor market index of boomerangs,

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Depending on the level of the position, the average salary of the positions of boss and supervisor hit $381,299 a monthwith an increase of 4.4% compared to the previous month.

Meanwhile, in the categories senior and semi-senior, the required salary was $254,132 per monthan increase of 2.6%, and in the junior levels it reached $175,654, an increase of 4.6%.

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Inside youth segment, The sector with the largest salary increase requested in April is “Others”, a category that brings together Gastronomy and Tourism; Management and General Management; trades; Customs and foreign trade; Education, Teaching and Research; mining, oil and gas; Health, Medicine and Pharmacy; and insurance. This sector had an increase of 14.1%.

The highest cumulative annual increases in junior positions are found in “Others”, with 133.7%; In Production, Procurement and Logistics, with 123%; In Technology and Systems, with 121.4%; In Commercial with 118.5% and in Human resources with 109.9%. All of these areas show cumulative increases Above average in the last 12 months, equal to 109.7%.

in levels elderly and semi-elderly, The areas with the largest increases in average wages expected in April were also in “Others”, with 17.7%. And in the last 12 months that category has increased by 133%.

Where are the best salaries paid?

THE better salaries April are those of Infrastructures, Economic/Financial Planning and Industrial Security/International Business.

Average wages required higher are those of Infrastructures, with $1.4 million a month for the positions of boss and supervisor.

Meanwhile, the article Economic/financial planningat $700,000 a month, he is the one with the best salaries at the senior and semi-senior levels, and Industrial Security / International Affairs, at $450,000, it is the one with the highest salaries for the junior segment.

At the other extreme, positions with lower average salaries I am Customer care, with $80,000 a month, in the junior sector; multimedia design, with $100,000, at the senior and semi-senior levels, e passenger transport, with $150,000, in the chief and supervisor segments.

What are the sectors that concentrate the greatest number of advertisements?

THE sectors Production, Procurement and Logistics, with 26%; Administration and Finance, with 22%; Commercial, with 21%; Other, with 19%; Human Resources, with 5%; Marketing and Communications with 4% and Technology and Systems with 3%.

THE stalls The ones that garnered the most adverts in April are Sales, with 9%; Administration, with 7%; Commerce, with 6% and Accounting, with another 6%.

On the other hand, the area that brings together is commercial more apps, with 33%; followed by the Others, with 23%; Administration and Finance, with 20%; Production, Procurement and Logistics, with 16%; Marketing and Communications, with 4%; Human Resources, with 2%, and Technology and Systems, with another 2%, according to the Bumeran report.

Source: Clarin

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