Paritarias 2024 month by month and with floors at 20%: what increases has each union obtained so far

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Monthly increases, in some cases bimonthly, one-off bonuses and increases indexed to the previous month’s inflation are some of the features of the joint agreements closed from the beginning of 2024.

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Here, one by one, are the joint agreements that the various unions with the trade chambers were closing:


The Bank has concluded an agreement which provides a retroactive increase of 23.2% to December 1st (based on December 2022).

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Furthermore, on this basis of December 2023, it was granted JanuaryA 20% salary increase. which will work according to the concept of advance due to inflation which takes over the INDEC, which will take the salary initial conformation of the activity $904,357.68.

If January inflation exceeds 20%, banking institutions must apply the salary difference retroactively. In February the parties will meet again to define the recomposition of that month.

UOM (metallurgists)

Last month, the Metalworkers Union (UOM) signed on a 25.5% increase (December inflation) for January salaries, improvement that will be applied to the wages in force in the business as of December 31st.

In February they will sit down again to discuss define a new salary update taking into account January prices.


The oil workers agreed a readjustment of 41%. In addition, workers in the sector will receive a Bonus of $644,000 (it is paid annually and is awarded as a share of the profits). The basic salary for the initial category – worker – will reach $992,161.89 starting in January.

The 2023 parity closed at 211.4%.

UOCRA (construction)

The UOCRA signed a 20% increase for January, due to monthly price increases and with a pattern of month-by-month reviewlike banking. In February they negotiate again.

SMATA (automotive)

The SMATA mechanics union, which previously agreed on quarterly raises, signed on with the automakers a 38.85% salary increase for January and February due to the inflation accumulated in the two months.


The Federation of Food Workers accepted an extraordinary sum of $40,000 for the only time, more a cumulative 34% in January around the month of December and 20% in February cumulative in the month of January.

Although the sum of the increases is 54.9%, as these are cumulative percentages, the total improvement is 62% compared to December salaries. To these are added 40,000 pesos. The joint venture will reopen in March.


The union with the most employees has agreed to a retroactive 11% for December (it had already received 13.3%), plus an unpaid 20% which will be paid from January salaries.

With this increase they lead to Gross base salary for January of $573,423 with presenteeism.

HE They will meet again in February


They agreed to 54% increase for the first two months, split into 32% for January and 22% for February.

The percentages are applied based on December salaries. Once all the percentages have been established, a Group 1 worker who works 8 actual hours, will exceed $930,000 gross.


Plastic Union will also negotiate month by month. had agreed to a raise 24.35% for January AND a fixed non-remunerative sum of $70,000. In the early days of Februaryclosed with an increase of 25% more than in January and a bonus of $85,000, reaching almost 50% in the first two months.

The union and the chambers will meet again in 30 days to negotiate the next increases.

UTA (Transport)

An agreement was also reached in the first week of February for the collective bargaining of bus drivers, who were threatening to strike. UTA set the base price at $597,000 for January and $737,000 for February. Additionally, they negotiated an increase in additional travel expenses and expense reimbursement and an extraordinary allocation of 390,000 dollars in two tranches.

So, in February, the salary would reach $1 million. The fact is that, in January, drivers will receive $818,960 ($597,000 initial base, $81,960 travel expenses and $140,000 of the first installment of the fixed sum which will be paid on February 20).

And in February will have an increase of 33%to reach $1,088,160 ($737,000 for basic expenses, $101,160 for travel expenses, $250,000 for a fixed sum to be paid on March 15).

After March 15th we will return to the negotiating table.

Pastry chefs

The salary increase will be 24% unprofitable on January’s basic salaries for the Pastry Branch. In February this increase is added to the basic one.

ATE (State Workers Association)

The state workers union agreed to a raise 16% for January.


The Argentine Union of Pharmacists and Biochemists closed 91% quarterly.

So, the minimum salary of pharmacy and laboratory professionals it is $750,000 since January.


The Federation of Argentine Health Workers Associations (FATSA), the Chambers and the Government have agreed to pay a one-time non-remunerative fixed sum of $70,000 on 9 February, with the title “Gratification of the agreement of 01.31.2024”. The agreement also establishes that the employer’s contribution to the corresponding social service must be paid on the non-remunerative sum.

Loading and unloading of workers

The union closed a 51% increase for the January-March quarter, in 3 installments of 17% and fixed at automatic review clause according to inflation data.

truck drivers

The union led by Pablo Moyano reopened the joint dialogue in January and reached an agreement indicative bimonthly salary at 33.5% (12.5% ​​in January and 21% in February). Furthermore, negotiations will begin to define increases for March and April.


An agreement has been reached for workers in the Warehouses branch in January up by 47.5% but as an “extraordinary bonus” and will sit down to negotiate starting February 15. The increase will not pay for January profits.

In the 2023 annual parity, oil workers got a raise of 183.2%.


The perfumers workers union signed a 20% increase in December compared to November values ​​and a 15% increase in January compared to December values.

Source: Clarin

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