Forbes warned that if Javier Milei doesn’tdollarize the economy will “head for bankruptcy”

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Steve ForbesCEO and publisher of the North American publication that bears his last name, sent a message to the president Javier Milei in which he warns him that his “revolution for freedom will go forward”. towards bankruptcy if it does not immediately materialize the economy“.

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Through a video broadcast by media platforms, Forbes expressed: “Dear President Milei: on your shoulders not only rests the future of your country, but also the cause of freedom and free markets in the world“.

“Last month he gave one of the greatest speeches of our time at the World Economic Forum, where he made a robust defense of capitalism and accurately described the threat we all face posed by modern socialism,” Forbes began in his letter. open.

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And he went on with praise. “In that forum he described very well that if governments do not take care of owning assets as they want, the old Marxist line controls the economy and our personal lives. As soon as he took office he wasted no time proposing a wide range of reforms”, he underlined. .

Then came the warning from the director of one of the most influential economic media. “But Mr. President, your revolution for freedom will fail if you do not immediatelydollarize the economy, he won’t succeed”.

And finally, the editor assured that Argentina has “with more than enough greenbacks complete the process.”

“After his election victory, those who always say no have inundated him with an avalanche of warnings that it is not possible todollarize the economy. That chorus of naysayers is wrong.totally wrong,” insisted Forbes.

And he once again called for thedollarization of the Argentine economy. “You can do it now. Opponents claim that Argentina does not have enough US dollars to exchange them for pesos, but this is not true. “Your government already has more than enough greenbacks to purchase every peso note and coin in circulation and has plenty of money left over,” she said.

Source: Clarin

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