ANSeS has formalized the new bands and amounts for the collection of family allowances

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The ANSeS has published the “ranges and amounts” of family allowances in the Official Journal based on the reduction of the income limits which give the right to the collection of such benefits. As reported by Clarín, the income limit for the family group has been reduced from $3,960,000 to $2,154,806 in gross pay, according to DNU 194/2024.

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The values ​​of those who continue to collect these family allowances will have a sharp reduction in relation to inflation because they increase between March and May by 27.18% (the same as pension mobility) when in the first quarter inflation could be around 65/70%.

So far, for example, The household salary per child was $20,661, $13,934, $8,426 and $4,345, according to the Total Family Income up to the limit of 3,960,000 dollars, with different values ​​for some Provinces and localities.

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From now on, according to ANSeS Resolution 40/2024, the aid will be:

  • If your household income does not exceed $406,909, you will be charged per child $26,277, 27.18% above $319,947 and $20,661 respectively.
  • If your household income exceeds $406,909 and up to $596,776, Will be charged $17,722 per child, 27.18% above the current $319,947 and up to $469,237 and a profit of $13,934.
  • If your household income is between $596,776 and $688,999, You will be charged $10,717 per child, above $ 469,237 and up to $ 541,751 and the profit of $8,426.
  • Finally, if your total household income is above $688,999 and up to $2,154,806, You will be charged $5,526 per month per child. So far it has been charged between $541,751 and up to $3,960,000 and $4,345.
  • Annual tuition aid of $70,000 They will raise up to $2,154,806 in household income.

In the case of Monotributistas, depending on the categories, the values ​​are:

  • A,B,C; $26,277
  • D, E: $17,722
  • F: $10,717
  • G, H: $5,526

Due to the reduction in income limit, it is estimated that the parents of some 800,000 boys and girls will stop collecting family benefits.

This year, parents of 4,782,604 boys and girls were expected to receive the family stipend per child. Now it is estimated that the parents of almost 4 million would collect it.

DNU no. 194/2024 established that “the new income limit of the family group that determines the collection of family allowances is calculated by applying the mobility corresponding to the month of December 2023 and that established for the month of March 2024 on the value corresponding to the month of September 2023 .”

In September 2023, the earnings cap was $700,875. To this value is added the mobility of December (20.87%) and March (27.18%) which works out to $1,077,403. And for father and mother it amounts to 2,154,806 dollars.

Family allowances concern, among others, those for birth, adoption, prenatal, infant, child with disability. And it is granted to Workers with a relationship of dependence, to the holders of the benefit of an Insurance Company against Labor Risks (ART) who are not in a relationship of dependence, to pensioners and pensioners of the Argentine Integrated Pension System – ANSeS and to the holders of the South Atlantic War Veterans’ Honorary Pension.

Gross monthly income drops from $1,980,000 to $1,077,403.

The household income limit decreases from $3,960,000 to $2,154,806.


Source: Clarin

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