Harvest Festival: Cornejo praises the call for dialogue and receives part of Milei’s cabinet in Mendoza

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The political and economic impact of the May Pact, proposed by President Javier Milei to Congress, dominated the scene of Vendimia in Mendoza.

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Two of the main annual meetings of the wine sector will be held this Saturday: the Ente Vino (Coviar) breakfast, in which the entire production chain participates; and the Agasaj Vendimial, organized by Bodegas de Argentina.

The Coviar breakfast will begin two hours late, at 10am, awaiting the national guests present on Friday at the opening of the ordinary sessions of Congress.

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The vice president Vittoria Villarruel, the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, the Minister of Defense, Mendoza Luis Petri; and the Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sport, Daniele Scioli (the politician who participated several times in the Mendoza production party), are the main guests of the national government who have confirmed their presence.

The governor Alfredo Cornejo (Together for Change) Milei’s speech at the Congress was missed, because he had to participate in the Vía Blanca of the queens through the streets of Mendoza and receive the diplomats arriving at the Harvest with a welcome dinner.

Cornejo expressed his position regarding Milei’s request for an agreement with the provinces in a post on his X account.”“We appreciate the call for a political pact for the economy and society”She said.

And, in his post, the Mendozano praised his first provincial government (2015-2019) and that of his successor, Rodolfo Suárez (2019-2023). “Many of the initiatives proposed by the president are part of the path undertaken in Mendoza in the last 8 years,” Cornejo said.

He then listed the coincidences with part of the list of priority themes proposed by Milei: “Here in Mendoza the streets are not blocked, there is a Clean File (prevents convicted politicians from running for office), we have a fiscal balance, we have lowered several taxes and we give smart subsidies like the Mendoza Activa. As for those who go on strike, the day lost is deducted,” explained the governor of Mendoza.

And he announced it agrees with the conclave of May 25th. “We are committed to working collaboratively to drive Argentina’s progress. We want to contribute positively,” Cornejo said.

Source: Clarin

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