Water Rates: Aysa requires 209% increase with monthly update

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The company Water and Sanitation Argentina (Aysa) asked the government to authorize a 209% increase in drinking water and sewer rates starting in Aprilwith a Monthly update starting in May based on wages and inflation. Furthermore, there will be a revision in July, depending on the performance of economic activity and prices.

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This arises from the proposal sent to Ministry of Public Works of the Nationwhich defined the request of a public public to study it later Wednesday 27 March at 10.00am.

According to the information contained in the appendix to Resolution 2/2024 of Public Works, by Luis Giovinethe company values ​​him From October it will no longer be necessary for the Treasury to provide additional subsidies for its operation.

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How much will water rates increase?

If this tariff increase is approved, the 534,517 homes in the City and Greater Buenos Aires that are in the “high” zonal level They would go from $6,236 (before taxes) in March for water and sewer service to $19,269 in April. The 5,991 residential users in these areas that have only water, without sewer, would see a jump from $9,962 to $30,784.

For their part, the 996,718 homes in “medium” zonal level. of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) would record an increase from $5,663 (without taxes) for water and sewer service in March to $17,500 in April. And the 5,827 residential users in these areas who have only water – no sewer – would see an adjustment from $3,263 to $10,082.

Meanwhile, the 1,187,139 homes in “low” zonal level. They would have an upgrade from $4,551 (before taxes) for water and sewer service in March to $14,062 in April. And the 582,044 residential customers in these areas who have water only – no sewer – would see an increase from $1,735 to $5,360.

Likewise, the 303,636 users non-residential (industries, businesses, buildings, hospitals and schools, among others) with water and sewer will pay $23,102 plus taxes in March to $71,386 in April; and the 30,595 who only have water will increase from $13,917 to $43,002.

Previously Aysa had sent a proposal with a 138% tariff increase starting in February and a revision starting in March, but it was rejected by the minister of Economics, Luis Caputo.

Source: Clarin

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