Expoagro: ribbon cutting of the main sector fair awaiting Javier Milei

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The governors of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, together with the Minister of the Interior and the Secretary of the Bioeconomy, led, together with the organizers, the ribbon cutting of the 2024 edition of Expoagro, the most important agro-industrial fair in the country.

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While is provided for noon this Tuesday the presence of president Javier Milei, The Expoagro authorities proceeded with an inauguration without speeches.

The CEO of Exponenciar, Martin Schwartzmannnext to José Aranda (Clarín) e Fernan Saguier (La Nación), made the cut together with the minister Guillermo Francosthe governors Martin Llaryora (Cordoba), Rogelio Frigerio (Entre Ríos) e Massimiliano Pullaro (Santa Fe), together with the area secretary, Fernando Villela.

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The participants sang the national anthem and then dedicated themselves visit the sample located at the San Nicolas racecourse, where more than 600 exhibitors They display everything from agricultural machinery to banking services.

Governor Frigerio reiterated his support for the national government’s request for an agreement shortly before starting his tour. “We adhere to each of the ten points that the President has proposed and we raise it out of our conviction, not because we expect anything in return,” he said.

Also distances himself from Axel Kicillof’s oppositional tone against the call. “You will know why he says that, I can only answer for my province.”

Meanwhile, in the most discreet way possible, the Casa Rosada staff walked the route planned for the President’s visit, from the main entrance of Gate 6 to the tent where they prepared him. an auditorium for 120 producers, just as you requested.

Last year, already an MP but before launching his candidacy, Milei had been to Expoagro and had arranged a speech in the same format as the one requested for this Tuesday.

Source: Clarin

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