Educational vouchers: step by step, how to request them and who can access them

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The Ministry of Human Capital, chaired by Sandra Pettovello, announced the launch of a new benefit weeks ago “educational vouchers” to help families pay the fees for subsidized private schools.

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It is for the schools of which the fee does not exceed $54,396. and the attendance limit will be up to $27,198 per student.

The benefit can be requested from today until April 30th. and it is thought For families with gross income up to 7 times the living and mobile minimum wage, that is, up to $1,419,600.

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“You can request it families with children up to 18 years old who frequent public educational institutions From private management of levels initial, primary and secondary with at least State contribution at 75%, indicates the Government website where the initiative is located.

To process this help you must go to: and fill out the form (you must be patient, this morning of Wednesday 3 April, the page had intermittent downtime. It could be the product of strong demand for applications).

Request for educational vouchersRequest for educational vouchers

In the form you need include the CBUwhere the money will be credited and the educational institution will be informed.

They will receive 50% of the value of the daily rate, excluding extra-programmatic activities, based on the base rate (March 2024) for May, June and July.

What should I take into consideration before filling out the registration form?

It is necessary to have at hand the details of the responsible adult, the minors in your care and the school they attend. It is important to have:

  • DNI number and CUIL number of minors in care
  • Name and address of the school attended by the students
  • CBU updated in My ANSES

How to request the voucher

  • Families who want to access the benefit must fill out the form available at:
  • On the form you will need to specify the school attended by the student.

Voucher: registration

  • Registration will take place: from 3 to 30 April of the same month.

Voucher: who can access the benefit

  • Families with family income less than 7 times the living and mobile minimum wage.
  • Children attending early, primary, and secondary schools with tuition under $54,396.

Voucher: what advantage will the Government offer

  • The refund is equal to 50% of the value of the daily rate (no extracurricular activities).
  • Aid cap $27,198 per child.
  • It is credited to the owner’s bank account and in principle lasts for three months.

Who needs to register?

  • Registration must be done only by one of the subjects exercising parental responsibility of students up to and including 18 years of age: mother, father or guardian.

Can the voucher be requested for each dependent minor?

  • Yes, the benefit will consist of a monthly sum of money for every minor who attends an educational institution as established by law. Every mother, father or guardian can register all minors entrusted to him.

What are the requirements to request the Training Voucher?

  • Parental responsibilities

Be Argentinian or native or naturalized foreigner with legal residence in the country for at least two years and possess a DNI.

The sum of your family group’s incomes must not exceed seven minimum, living and moving wages (SMVM).

Request the benefit within the deadlines set out in the announcement.

Complete the survey requested when registering on the platform.

Complete the registration on the platform correctly.

  • Students

Be at least eighteen years of age at the time of closing of the announcement.

Attend a privately managed public educational institution at initial, primary or secondary level with at least 75% state funding.

Respect the status of a regular student.

What is considered a family group?

The family group It consists of a father, mother or guardianA. Young married or divorced people are recognized as an autonomous family group, with or without children.

Where can I check the family group?

You can consult the data relating to the family group on My ANSES with social security number.

If it is necessary to update the data, it is possible to do so (without an appointment) at an ANSES delegation by presenting the originals of:

-Your birth certificate.

DNI and birth certificates of minors in care.

The marriage certificate or cohabitation certificate if you are married or live as a couple.

What is meant by family group income?

These incomes are the sum of gross wages of registered employees; family allowances for maternity or maternity Down syndrome, excluding overtime; the plus for unfavorable area and the additional annual compensation; THE income reference for self-employed and single-tax workers; THE retirement and retirement benefitsHe amount of unemployment benefit and the gross sums originated contributory and/or non-contributory benefits of any kind.


Source: Clarin

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