For the president of the Chamber of Commerce, the problem is not Guzmán, but the “madness” of the Government.

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The president of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CAC), Mario Grinman, said this morning that for entrepreneurs the problem is not the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, but the Government. “Front of All is in an almost insane situation, like a convention of psychopaths because they destroy each other and they are destroying the country. I’ve never seen anything like it, “he complained.

The leader assured that it is difficult to express an opinion on what the minister (Guzmán) said because of the qualifications in his statement we can enter the government internship which we do not want to do. “If we say it’s positive, the government will say it’s because it’s pro-business and it’s not helping Argentina. If we say otherwise, the same might happen to him. “

Based on this, for Grinman, “what is happening in Argentina is not a particular problem of the minister, but in government policy. I especially say Front of All because they are in an almost insane position. “

“Dare I said This is almost a convention of psychopaths (with forgiveness for the sick) because they are destroying themselves and they are destroying the country, ”he said.

And in that sense, he made sure Argentina had serious structural problems. “Since the beginning of democracy (in 1983), in terms of GDP, Argentina has been one of the lowest growth countries in the region, grew by 34% during that time. So, there is a major problem in the country that has been solved from politics, ”he said.

Regarding the solution, the leader stressed that “anyone will fail without them a calm, integrated government that brings confidence. It’s that the economy works based on trust and expectations, ”Grinman stressed in radio statements.


Faced with the question of how the salary index is paid, Grinman pointed out that “all means of cost, like salary, goes into prices”.

Along these lines, he identified that there are sectors of the economy already “They’re healing, but they just pull their heads out from under the water, but if you continue without confidence, That will be reversed in the coming months. “

In this sense, the head of the Chamber of Commerce indicated: “It happens that traders do not know whether they can exchange goods, as the situation.”


Source: Clarin

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