Pablo Biró won the internship and will continue to lead the Drivers’ Guild until 2026

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Pablo Biró won the internship and will continue to lead the Drivers' Guild until 2026

Pablo Biró, APLA general secretary since 2012, has renewed his mandate to 206. Photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

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the unionist Pablo Biro He will continue as head of the Airline Pilots Association (APLA) for another term, after winning the union’s internal election against his opponent, Diego Pérez Bariggi, by nearly two-thirds of the vote.

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After an electoral process that lasted two weeks, in the early hours of Saturday the recount ended, yielding 969 on the Blue List led by Biró. Borravino’s list, with Pérez Bariggi as a candidate, garnered 592 votes.

This is the first renewal of this guild authority that has taken place since APLA (although it was presented as a merger) with the Union of Airline Aviators (UALA), which grouped the former Austral pilots. Both the airline and its union is absorbed by Aerolineas Argentinas.

Combines the Pilots Guild less than 1,800 affiliates. However, his leadership is key to the nation’s entire commercial aviation policy.

Although Biró is currently distancing himself from the management of Aerolineas that manages La Cámpora, both the union and the sector led by the senator and former president of Aerolineas, Mariano Recaldecorresponds to strategic issues on aviation issues.

Without further ado, the current mandate restoring fare bands to limit the expansion of low -cost airlines Flybondi and JetSmart was upheld by the Alberto Fernández government under pressure from La Cámpora and the aeronautical unions led by the APLA. .

The unions, with the APLA at the forefront, are also led by announcements, gestures and even caravansthe closure of commercial aviation at El Palomar airport, where two cheap airlines operated until the pandemic.

Pérez Bariggi, an experienced international flight commander for Aerolineas Argentinas, is the son of the historic leader Jorge Perez Tamayowhich Biró lost in the 2012 internal elections.

This is not the first time Biró has faced internal union opposition in his ten years as APLA leader. In 2015, when he was fully aligned with Kirchnerism, he encountered one of his brothers, also a pilot Daniel Biroto run for elections supported at that time by moyanisno.

Although Pérez Bariggi’s sector accepted the results, the Blue List issued a statement in the early hours in which continued the accusations against his rivals.

“The grievances poured by another candidate from the other list to the APLA leadership did not and did not break the unity. Being a candidate for positions with the highest relevance to union leadership requires acting responsibly, ”the Biró sector said, via an internal statement.

And they added, against Pérez Bariggi and his followers: “The unsubstantiated disqualifications used as a political platform affect, but clearly have a greater impact on whoever utters it. The results can be seen. In a campaign not everyone has value“.

Within the opposition space, although they acknowledge that the result has been strong, they are optimistic about the growth of the new internal current, which has carved out the same penetration into affiliated retired pilots (with relationship with Pérez Tamayo’s father) as well as activity pilots pointing to driving with a more moderate tone than Biró did.

“I want to see Biró at the next election of delegates, to see what he will do,” said one of the members of the now -defeated list.

Source: Clarin

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