Manuel Belgrano Scholarships: what amount do beneficiaries charge and who does it target

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Manuel Belgrano Scholarships: what amount do beneficiaries charge and who does it target

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36,000 Manuel Belgrano scholarships of $ 20,000 each will be awarded.

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Announced by Education Minister Jaime Perczyk the delivery of 36 thousand Manuel Belgrano Scholarships, the program that can be accessed by university and technical students is aimed at those in a situation of greater economic weakness. Like almost all social benefits, it is paid for by the National Social Security Administration (ANSeS) and is worth $ 20,000.

The event was at the National University of San Martín (UNSAM), where the First National Meeting of Manuel Belgrano Strategic Scholarships was held. The minister and more than 1,000 scholarship holders and rectors of universities in the country participated. The program involves a disbursement of $ 9,000 million

The purpose of the re -launched program is to “promote the admission, continuation and graduation of students in strategic disciplines for economic and social development. Promote the strategic relationship between Public Universities, the national technological-productive system and the labor market ”.

Scholarships are valid for 12 months.can be renewed annually, up to a maximum of 3 years in undergraduate courses and 5 years in graduate courses.

Scholarships are not compatible with other similar benefits provided by the National State, such as Progresar Scholarships and YPF Scholarships.

“The Belgrano Scholarships are part of a long -term national project which aims to reverse the model of exporting raw materials at no additional cost and move towards one focused on productive specialization, ”Perczyk explains.

What are Manuel Belgrnao Scholarships and who are they targeting?  Photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami

What are Manuel Belgrnao Scholarships and who are they targeting? Photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami

To sign up to renew the previous scholarship there is time from February 1 to 21, and to get a new scholarship from the beginning there is time from February 21 to March 31. On March 14, it was found out who won the renewal of his scholarship and on May 11 who are the new winners.

What are Manuel Belgrano Scholarships?

  • The Manuel Belgrano Strategic Scholarship Program is a scholarship system that promotes access, permanence, and completion of undergraduate and graduate studies that are key to the nation’s economic development and social equality.

Manuel Belgrano Scholarships 2022: what are the requirements

  • Native or naturalized Argentines with DNI.
  • Regular students from national and provincial universities of public administration entering the first semester of the year 2022 or studying at the time of registration of either the undergraduate or undergraduate university careers specified by the PROGRAM.
  • Admission to students between 18 and 30 years old and current students up to 35 years old.
  • Person with a disability or indigenous person with no age limit.

Manuel Belgrano Scholarships 2022: what areas of study it covers

  • Food
  • environment
  • Computing and Information
  • traditional and alternative energy
  • Gas
  • Logistics and Transportation,
  • Mining
  • petroleum
  • Basic sciences

Manuel Belgrano Scholarships: what is the evaluation for allocation

During the 2022 call, academic requirements for advanced students will be established based on several criteria:

  • Students must have passed 2 (two) semester subjects or 1 (one) annual subject by the year 2021.
  • The approved finals of regular assignments in the years prior to the scholarship will count.
  • Subjects taken and approved as FREE will count for certification.
  • Topics must be approved/promoted between January 1 and December 31, 2021, without exception.

These requirements will not be required for students who enter their careers in the second quarter of 2021 or begin their careers in 2022. They will be evaluated as entrants. In these cases, the condition of the regular student is certified in the respective university.

Manuel Belgrano Scholarships 2022: how to know if my application has been approved

To know the results, you must enter the official platform of the program:

Login with username and password where you made the request and Go to tab: “Status of my application”.


Source: Clarin

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