Job searches: in what areas is the highest wage demanded?

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Job searches: in what areas is the highest wage demanded?

The lithium and mining boom are boosting wages in that sector. Photo Reuters/Agustin Marcarian

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In the first quarter of the year, registered wages beat inflation, by a marker of 18.1% compared to 16.1%. Y the same happens with “intended” salaries of applicants for new jobs, although with more modified results.

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Between January and April, the wage demand increased 23.3% on average, against inflation of 23.1%according to data they manage on Bumeran, the portal specializes in job search.

In April, with inflation at 6%, the requested salary increased 6.4%, to $ 124,325 gross.

According to him seniority of the position, the average salary was $ 190,794 gross in the positions of chief and supervisor (+5.9%); at $ 125,585 in the senior and semi-senior categories (+7%), and at $ 83,758 for the junior level (up 4.6%).

The labor market is reactivating. The number of ads on the site grew by 89% in the first quarter compared to the same period in 2021.

Administration and finance (with 127%) and Human Resources (121%), are the most advanced.

There are positions that are more sought after than others and higher salaries are demanded in some areas. Which are?

Maximum Target salary in April they were found in several posts by Engineeringwith $ 331,976 per month (boss and supervisor positions); Technology and Systems, with $ 326,288 (senior and semi-senior level); Y Mining, Oil and Gas, with $ 137,037 (junior category).

On the other end, positions asking for lower salaries are Customer service, with $ 98,973 (boss and supervisor); Y Waiters both in the senior and semi-senior and junior categories, with $ 71,450 and $ 55,732 respectively.

Deliberate salary, junior to senior

Which are junior positions with better salaries in every sector?

  • Mining, Oil and Gas: $ 137,037
  • Financial economic planning (Management and Finance): $ 127,374
  • Product (Marketing and Communications): $ 118,846
  • Chemical Engineering (Production, Supply and Logistics): $ 118,654
  • Testing/QA/QC (Technology and Systems): $ 94,172
  • Selection (Human Resources): $ 85,644
  • Commercial: $ 80,307

What is the maximum salary senior and semi-senior position required in each area?

  • Technology and Systems (sector of the same name): $ 326,288
  • Food Engineering (Production, Supply and Logistics): $ 293,497
  • Mining, Oil and Gas (Other): $ 193,149
  • Economic Planning (Management and Finance): $ 186,976
  • International business (from Commercial area): $ 165,868
  • Business Intelligence (Marketing and Communication): $ 160,308
  • Compensation and Payroll (HR): $ 138,491

Men continue to demand more pay than women: up to 39.5% more, at the headquarters level.

Thus, the average salary requested by men reached $ 147,979 per month in April, 6.9% more than in March. According to the segment, it is $ 86,014 pesos for junior positions, $ 139,148 for senior and semi-senior level, and $ 305,435 for boss and supervisor positions.

Women, meanwhile, are asking for an average salary of $ 118,527, 6.2% more than last month. According to seniority, the required salary is $ 81,502 in the junior positions, $ 112,021 in the senior and semi-senior positions, and $ 219,000 in the boss and supervisor segments.

Source: Clarin

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