Roberto Feletti did not leave the Government but became dependent on Martín Guzmán

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Roberto Feletti did not leave the Government but became dependent on Martín Guzmán

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Meeting between Domínguez, Guzmán, Kulfas and Feletti.

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Christian economist Roberto José Feletti will not leave the national administration of Alberto Ángel Fernández, but will change the ministry. The Secretary of Domestic Trade will be part of the organizational chart of the Ministry of Economy and will no longer be part of the Ministry of Productive Development.

A) Yes, Feletti will continue to manage the albertista, but depending on Martín Guzmán, to whom the economist K polished rough edges in the last two weeks.

At the last meeting between the Secretary of Domestic Trade and the Minister of Economy, the topic of Withholdings was discussed, which, as Clarín said, Feletti wanted to rise.

But the relationships between these officers are different: while Feletti is very mean to Matías Kulfas – Cristina Kirchner is insulting herself two weeks ago in Chaco-, former deputy minister Amado Boudou maintaining good conversation so far has Martín Guzmán in power.

In this way, Feletti will continue in the national government, leaving the Rumors have been released in recent days about his departurewhich mainly spread on social networks.

Roberto Feletti touring the Central Market.

Roberto Feletti touring the Central Market.

The public accountant, former Secretary of Economic Policy and Development Planning Cristina Kirchner, will continue with the national administration maintaining her ideas such as reduce sunflower retention to 15%, corn to 20% and wheat to 25%as Santiago Fioriti advances this newspaper.

Feletti’s last public statement was at the end of March admitted that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for March would “give bad” and acknowledged that “someone doesn’t work miracles” in terms of resistance to inflation.

With that diagnosis, the economist and official confirmed that there are two types of inflation: “The monopolistic that we interfere with gondolas, and the international, which is the decoupling that materializes through withholdings. In that framework, we are discussing. Now. , miracles that no one can do “.

And he argues that too prices “not just falling into regulation, they can be contained, that’s what we’re doing now”admitted the official failure to think of a price control as the appropriate tool to lower the high level of inflation.

But it will be done under the auspices of Martín Guzmán, the Minister of Economy with regained power, after the endorsement of President Alberto Fernández, and his critics against the Vice President and his participation, days ago , in an action with national and social ministers. leaders in the town of Admiral Brown.

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Source: Clarin

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