Pork imports from Brazil have risen: producers have condemned the losses

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Pork imports from Brazil have risen: producers have condemned the losses

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a pig farm

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The pig enters the table of a large number of homes for a very simple reason: it costs half the beefa fact that goes unnoticed in an Argentina with salaries that do not meet needs.

Consumption has continued to grow at 6% per year for several years now and represents 20.5 kilograms per inhabitant and per year, a record. This is about 50% of beef consumption, which is at 45 kilos per capita.

But this success was wrapped up by the entry of imported pork. In the first four months of the year, 17,800 tonnes came from Brazil, 87% more than in 2021 and 182% more than in 2020.

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank and the Ministry of Productive Development, so attentive to taking care of the dollarsthe doors have been opened.

The key to avalanche imports must be found in China, which has closed its market.

It punishes pork exports from almost all over the world and does stumble especially in pork production in Brazil, your main supplier.

The neighboring country found a way for the loss of its farmers by sending surpluses to Argentina. In passing, he exports his own complications to us. These are the local producers, most of them are small, they cannot survive in the face of competition they consider unfair.

Joseph Dodds.

Joseph Dodds.

Former Nidera and now new coordinator of the Federation of Pig Producers, José Dodds, pointed out that Brazilians are losing 50 cents per kilo of pork.

“They are dumping prices”, he affirms before Clarion saying that there were meetings with Minister Matías Kulfas to update him on the situation.

Added to all this is a problem. Brazilians are applying an anabolic for growth, raptopamine, which in Argentina is banned as in most countries.

“It breaks down into a labor -intensive activity and that one person covers every 30 sows that produce “, said Dodds.

In Argentina there are about 380,000 mother pigs and 13,000 direct employees.

Pig production has a long history in the country, to the point that the Association became the Pig Federation, which would house the production chain rooms, will celebrate 100 years.

They got the technology and efficiency in the pigs that come to the slaughterhouse with 110 kilos without a gram of fat.

The Federation has appointed Adolfo Franque as president, a producer with 600 mothers south of Santa Fe, to be seconded by Daniel Fenoglio, who manages Pacuca, along with 7,000 mothers of siblings Blaquier Arrieta with a farm in Roque Pérez with biodigesters that generate energy that enters the national grid.

Another case is that of Lisandro Culasso, who makes a farm with 12,000 mothers in Monte Buey, Cordoba, or Juan Pablo Cerini in Entre Ríos. Number one in work and participation is Rosario Paladini included 11,600 mothers on its three farms.

The Federation has designed a strategic plan until 2030 for the estimated universe of 3,400 producers sending captains to slaughter, It takes approximately 26 weeks from birth to reach ideal weight.

This plan takes into account animal welfare and environmental protection standards, in addition to conquering foreign markets. It plans to reach 2030 with 700,000 mothers, a production of 2.1 million tonnes from the current 654,000, and an export of 800,000 tonnes from the current 41,000.

Source: Clarin

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