Vehicles: factories alerted over “difficulties” accessing BCRA dollars

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Vehicles: factories are on alert due to

VW Taos, one of the latest locally made models.

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Vehicle terminals warned of thate restrictions on the purchase of dollars to import supplies of their suppliers of automobile parts “may affect growth projection“of the sector as a whole. The terminals have increased their production 12.9% in Marchcompared to the same month last year.

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In his monthly report, the Association of Automotive Manufacturers (ADEFA) recorded that automakers with factories in the country produce 48,746 vehicles in March, a number 29.4% higher than February and 12.9% more than 43,160 units produced in March last year.

In the first three months of the year, the car terminals made 105,058 vehicles passengers and utilities, representing an increase in 17.7% against 89,277 units in the first quarter of 2021.

In total, in March they were exported 24,623 units (10% above March 2021) and in the first quarter reached overseas vehicle sales 53,945 units, 9.3% more than 49,373 units were exported in the first three months of last year.

This favorable impulse of production and exports is at the heart of a context clearly againstsuch as the world supply crisis semi conductor (chips) and includes freight price export and import, both finished vehicles and vehicle parts, In the clouds. A report from the Association of Automotive Dealers (ACARA) pointed out that container hire now requires payment of $ 13,000against the value of $ 2,000 in pre-pandemic.

But the main risk, now, to support the growth of the sector will not be external and internal, according to Martin Galdeanopresident of Ford’s Argentine subsidiary that also owns Adefa.

“We are cooperative in the evolution of several issues that pose significant challenges for the industry and negative impact on value chain flows and on the potential production volumes of companies, ”Galdeano said, in a statement released by the entity.

“Among the most important are global semiconductor supply and logistics issues, and changes in payment conditions abroadrecently introduced by the Central Bank, which may affect growth projections due to the difficulty of the value chain to obtain external financing within the established terms ”, Galdeano added.

What are the steps of the Central Bank? Industry sources pointed out against Communication “A” 7466 from BCRAfrom the beginning of March, where it was extended until 180 days the term of this financial entity to liquidate the dollars of imports.

Both sources pointed out that, until this new rule is implemented, the BCRA will sell dollars to auto parts companies to pay for imports into a period between 30 and 45 dayswhile now the companies they have to take out their own loans abroad if they have to pay within that time. “Who will supply an SME for 180 days, in this context?” They rose within the sector.

The Adefa report also provided sales figures for automakers in its network of dealerships (wholesale sales), which in March reached a total. 33,827 units, 4.5% above the same month last year. So far this year, automakers have sold their dealers 79,406 units (8% under of the same period last year), where 43,008 (more than half) are locally produced.

Source: Clarin

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