Retirees and pensioners: Banco Nación suspends the life faith process

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Retirees and pensioners: Banco Nación suspends the life faith process

Retirees from Banco Nación, from April 8, will be able to collect without showing “safety”. Photo: Luciano Thieberger. FTP CLARIN

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The Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA) and the National Social Security Administration (ANSeS) decided. suspend the faith process of life retirees and pensioners. In this way, Starting April 8, they will be able to charge without showing “survival”.

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“BNA and Anses also agreed to work with the National Registry of Persons (Renaper) to develop a monitoring scheme and updating information which creates greater certainty about the ‘safety’ of pensioners and retirees, and avoids possible fraud at the expense of the entire Social Security system, ”the bank said in a statement.

The life proof process is suspended until Feb. 28, As a result of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, when it became mandatory again.

In this sense, with the aim of simplifying and making this procedure more agile and friendly, AnseS began requesting from November 2020 to banking entities that develop and offer a variety of digital methods to retirees and retirees that allow them to practice the faith of life.

For this -as the case before- tools verification such as debit or credit card purchases in stores, use of ATMs with biometric technology and through mobile applications, where beneficiaries will have the possibility to choose how to carry out this procedure.

The most used ways to perform the procedure are: collect retirement or pension directly at the bank window, buy with the debit or credit card associated with the bank account, put the fingerprint on the various totems of the banks or approach a biometric Self-Consultation Terminal located at Anses Offices.

In the event that credit collection is suspended as a result of non -compliance with the life certificate, it can be reactivated when the person or their agent has done so, without the need to perform additional procedures, although the next collection can take up to 60 days.

payment schedule in April

In addition to the standard collection calendar, this month, starting in the second week, retirees and retirees with lower salaries will receive a $ 6,000 bonus.

The assets are retired and retired no more than $ 36,600

  • Friday, April 8ththe DNI ended at 0
  • Monday April 11, completed ID in 1
  • Tuesday, April 12the DNI ended in 2
  • Wednesday April 13the DNI ended at 3 and 4.
  • Monday April 18, completed ID at 5
  • Tuesday, April 19, completed ID at 6
  • Wednesday, April 20, completed ID at 7
  • Thursday April 21the DNI ended at 8
  • Friday, April 22, completed ID at 9

The assets are retired and retired exceeded $ 36,600

  • Monday April 25, completed ID at 0 and 1
  • Tuesday, April 26, completed ID in 2 and 3
  • Wednesday, April 27ththe DNI ended at 4 and 5
  • Thursday, April 28, completed ID at 6 and 7
  • Friday, April 29, completed ID at 8 and 9


Source: Clarin

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