Despite the decline in acreage and production, soybeans contributed 17.1% more to this campaign’s income

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Despite the decline in acreage and production, soybeans contributed 17.1% more to this campaign's income

After the water shortage and the first frosts, the harvest increased its contribution to the national coffers.

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The soy chain it will contribute $ 23.972 million to the Argentine economy this year, 17.1% more than in 2021 despite the fact that the oilseed campaign ended with a thumbs down for both surface area and yield and volume harvested. This increase is explained by the increase in crop prices, which have exceeded the highs of the last five campaigns.

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Also, the soy complex it will generate exports for 25,443 million dollars and will contribute to the collection of taxes with 10,489 million dollars as reported by the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange.

balance of the campaign

To begin with, due to the lack of rain in December, which prevented the construction of oilseed planting plans in many lots, 200 million hectares (M ha) remained unplanted in the national agricultural region. So, during the 2021-2022 campaign, finally soybeans managed to occupy 16.3 M ha600 less than in the previous cycle and 6% less than the average of the last five seasons, which stood at 17.3 M ha.

In a summer characterized by high temperatures and water shortages in the central region and subsequently by early frosts in the west and south, the first and second crops suffered from their development. The national average yield was 27.9 quintals per hectare (q / ha), which represented a 4.1% growth compared to the previous campaign but a 3% contraction compared to the average of the last five campaigns .

Consequently, there was a decrease in the collected volume of 700 million tons (M tn) compared to the total expected at the beginning of the campaign, which was 44 M tn.

Closed campaign numbers, the total national production of soybeans reached 43.3 Mtn, 8.1% less than the average production of the last five campaigns which was 47.1 Mtn. However, it was 200 Mt above the 2020-2021 cycle.

Source: Clarin

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