Personal income and assets: AFIP appeals the sentence suspending the deadlines

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Personal income and assets: AFIP appeals the sentence suspending the deadlines

Mercedes Marcó del Pont, director of AFIP.

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After the dispute with the accountants over the sentence of the Justice which extends the expiry dates of the tax on income and personal property, the body headed by Mercedes Marcó del Pont He warned that he will appeal the sentence. The original dates for making the presentation It was from 23 June to this Monday 27.

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Accountants were confident that AFIP would again make an extension in these tax submissions, such asas in 2021, after a presentation by the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires.

To silence these rumors, last Friday, before the end of the day, Justice again ruled in favor of the Professional Council of the city of Buenos Aires.

At the end of last week, in a new chapter of the struggle between the Accountants represented by the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the city of Buenos Aires and the AFIP, the Litigation Administrative Court 12 ratified with a second precautionary measurethe postponement of the deadlines for the presentation of notarial deeds and for the payment of taxes to Earnings, personal and certified assets.

The accountants based the request for an extension on the fact that the requests to upload the affidavits and determine the tax to be paid – if applicable – worked flawed as they were uploaded to the AFIP website. And for this reason it has become impossible to work properly.

The deadline foreseen in the amaro ranged from 23 to 27 June, the original filing date, to 12 July.

Before the second precautionary measure, AFIP he had warned that the original terms had been respected.

Last week, Judge Macarena Marra Giménez issued a precautionary measure in response to a request from the CABA’s Professional Council, in which she was asked to order AFIP to suspend tax deadlines until July 12. The magistrate then issued a second provision which granted the precautionary measure to the body representing the professionals.

AFIP warned in a note that the measure only the CABA accountants benefited, that “in the face of the injunction issued by a first degree court, AFIP reiterates that the deadlines for taxes on personal assets and personal profits scheduled for 23, 24 and 27 June are in force”.

Source: Clarin

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