Retirees: what happens in the process of proof of life in banks

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Retirees: what happens in the process of proof of life in banks

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Which entities do not ask for proof of life: Banco Nación, Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Banco de Córdoba and Banco de La Pampa. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

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Banco Nación announced on Thursday that it no longer requires proof of life for pensioners and retirees to collect their salaries with that entity. In this statement comes the main question about what happens to other banking entities.

The data has special relevance this Friday, the day on which the pension payment schedule will begin. From ANSeS they clarified which entities no longer request the survival procedure that is typically done every 180 days.

Those entities are: Banco Nación, Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires, Bank of Córdoba and Bank of La Pampa.

Other banking entities that pay social security salaries control the Faith of Life through various possibilities as a monthly purchase using the retiree or pensioner’s Debit or Credit Card, with mobile applications and, if the retiree or pensioner wishes, they can also do it in person.

The life faith process is suspended until February 28as a result of the isolation product of the coronavirus pandemic, it once again became mandatory.

In this sense, with the aim of simplifying and making this procedure more agile and friendly, the paying entity has been requesting from banking entities since November 2020 to develop and offer a variety of digital techniques retirees and retirees allowing the process to be performed more easily.

How to do the faith process of life or salvation.  Photo: Orlando Pelichotti / The Andes

How to do the faith process of life or salvation. Photo: Orlando Pelichotti / The Andes

city ​​bank

At Banco Ciudad, to all retirees who have up to 80 yearsThey do not have to complete this process. In the case of retirees older than 80 years of agethey are only asked to exercise their faith in life, via any of the enabled channels, every 180 days only.

After that 180 days, they will have 60 days to realize the faith of life What are the channels to have faith in life ?: face -to -face purchase using a Banco Ciudad debit or credit card in the retiree’s name, at any store in the country and for any amount.

For retirees or retirees with mobility problems, they can perform the procedure through a proxy before ASeS, who must go to the branch, with their document and the beneficiary, to perform the procedure.

Other options are: leaving a mark in an ASeS Totem, located in all banking entities of the country. or leaving your footprint at Red Link ATMs identified with such functionality (biometrics, fingerprints).

What are the possibilities that retirees have to carry out the “certificate of life” process

As detailed on the official website of Anses, they are:

  • Collect retirement or pension at the bank counter.
  • Buy with the debit or credit card associated with the bank account.
  • Put the fingerprint on the various totems of the banks.
  • Approach the Biometric Self-Consultation Terminal located at ANSES Offices.

National Bank

On Thursday, the Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA) and National Social Security Administration (ANSeS) decided to suspend the life certificate process for retirees and pensioners. In this way, Starting this Friday they will be able to charge without showing “survival”.

“BNA and ANSeS have also agreed to work with the National Registry of Persons (Renaper) to develop a system for monitoring and updating information that generates greater certainty about the‘ safety ’of pensioners and retirees. , and prevent possible fraud at the expense of the entire Social Security system, “the bank said in a statement.

In the event that credit collection is suspended as a result of non -compliance with the life certificate, it can be reactivated when the person or their agent has done so, without the need to perform additional procedures, although the next collection can take up to 60 days.

Province of the bank

In Clarín’s consultation, Banco Provincia clarified that they have long suspended the “certificate of life” process.

ANSeS retirees and pensioners who withdraw their salaries from Banco Provincia do not need to develop a survival or life certificate procedure, since 2020 it has been done automatically. That is, they don’t have to go to a branch or buy with debit cards.

This benefit is due to an agreement between the public entity of Buenos Aires and the National Registry of Persons (RENAPER)which allowed the Bank to compare the agency’s databases with its own records.

Others in private entities have different mechanisms to prove that the person is still alive.

Santander Bank

“From this year, retirees and pensioners can make faith digital life from the app, You don’t have to go anywhere, ”they detailed from the entity. And they added:“ We incorporate as a security measure that can be done by taking a photo and even if you use your card that month, faith of accredited life. “

Everything is well explained on the entity’s website: “Fill in your details, take a picture, you’re done! You’ve given up your Faith of Life. You can also do it in any of these ways: by purchasing using your debit card to anyone In person.This also applies to overseas customers.Approaching the ATM using a fingerprint reader.Remember that if you have not registered the fingerprint with ANSES, you must do so at one of its offices. Learn how to do it here. “

Comafi Bank

survival is a must renew every 28 days and Comafi has these channels to accomplish this:

  • Face-to-face purchases with a Debit Card for a minimum of $ 1,000 at any nearby store.
  • Fingerprint positioning on ANSES Totems of any Bank or UDAI
  • Collecting salaries by line of boxes (Holder only). In case the Owner is unable to travel, the Representative (or a family member) may approach the Branch (Bartolomé Miter 699, CABA) carrying a safety certificate issued by the competent authority along with the beneficiary’s DNI.

Retirees from abroad must prove their proof of life through: survival shipment certified by a local authority abroad or certified by a notary public. Or safety certification by Argentine consulate abroad. In both cases, the life certificate comes by mail.

Regarding the virtual leg, the bank is working with priority on adding this functionality through Sofiayour virtual assistant.

$ 6,000 Bonus Payment Schedule

This Friday will begin paying salaries for retirees and retirees not to exceed $ 36,676 in collection. The monthly schedule will run until April 29.

In addition to the standard collection calendar, this month, starting in the second week, retirees and retirees with lower salaries will receive a $ 6,000 bonus.

Retirees and retirees whose assets do not exceed $ 36,600

  • theFriday April 8, DNI ending at 0
  • Monday, April 11, DNI ending at 1
  • Tuesday, April 12, DNI ending at 2
  • Wednesday April 13, DNI ended at 3 and 4.
  • Monday, April 18, the DNI ended at 5
  • Tuesday, April 19, DNI ending at 6
  • Wednesday, April 20, the DNI ended at 7 p.m.
  • Thursday, April 21, the DNI ended at 8
  • Friday April 22, the DNI ended at 9

Retirees and retirees whose assets exceed $ 36,600

  • Monday, April 25, DNI ending at 0 and 1
  • Tuesday, April 26, the DNI ended at 2 and 3
  • Wednesday, April 27, DNI ending at 4 and 5
  • Thursday April 28, DNI ended at 6 and 7
  • Friday April 29, the DNI ended at 8 and 9


Source: Clarin

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