Reserves: The Central Bank has sold an additional $ 90 million and has already spent $ 560 million in July

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Reserves: The Central Bank has sold an additional $ 90 million and has already spent $ 560 million in July

Buenos Aires 28 June 2022 Central Bank of the Argentine Republic at 250 reconquista street photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi law 11723 – FTP CLARIN RAS_4592.jpg Z Guest

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While the maximum financial strain the market experienced on Monday appears to have begun to dissipate, the pressure on foreign exchange continues. The Central Bank closed the third session of the week with a turnover of 90 million dollars, with which it has already provided 560 million dollars in the first four days of the month.

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“Energy import payments of just over $ 100 million have topped up the demand for foreign currency in the dollar wholesale segment,” said Gustavo Quintana, an exchange trader at PR Corredores de Cambios, who added: “BCRA ended its holding today with a turnover of approximately US $ 90 million.”

A) Yes, the body chaired by Miguel Pesce reduced net purchases to $ 1,284 millionless than 19% of the net balance that had been raised to date last year, when it accumulated approximately $ 6,791 million.

The amount traded in the cash (spot) segment reached US $ 500.5 million. Analysts indicated that more imports have been authorized since the close in the last week of June. On Tuesday, the volume traded on the official market was over $ 1,000 million.

Meanwhile, in the parallel market, albeit far from the highs reached at the beginning of the week, the dollar has risen. Blue advanced three pesos to end up at $ 255. Thus the gap between the ticket obtained in the informal market and the official dollar is already 101.7%.

The same time, the financial dollars return to rise, after having fallen by 2.5% in the previous one. Cash with liquidation reclaims 1.7% of its land and operates at $ 278.95. With an increase of 10.4% since the beginning of July, the exchange price that companies use to dollarize already almost equals the inflation accumulated in 2022: since January it has risen by 38%.

The same trend shows the stock market dollar, or MEP, advancing 1.9% to $ 268. “Investors have not yet found stable prices and distrust is growing more and more,” said Cecilia Mangione of Rava.

Source: Clarin

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