Carlos Melconian: “Silvina Batakis’ moderate speech is not enough, in the midst of a fragile truce”

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Carlos Melconian:

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“The problem is more important than today,” said Carlos Melconian of Silvina Batakis’ economic measures.

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Carlos Melconian stated this Monday the “moderate” speech. which, according to his vision, was used by the Minister of Economy Silvina Batakis to launch a package of economic measures, implemented “in the midst of fragile respite“Within the government, “not enough” to find the way out of the labyrinth in Argentina.

The problem is more important today ”, analyzed the former president of the Central Bank, a little more relieved after the intense days spent meeting the vice president Cristina Kirchner, with whom he did not rule out meeting again.

In dialogue with TNMelconian awarded Batakis a small credit compared to the direction of Martín Guzmán, who, true to his custom, questioned again.

“Guzmán never knew where to go. Today Batakis receives, at least from me, the right from which he started ”, said the president of the Institute of Studies on the Argentine and Latin American Reality (IERAL) of the Mediterranean Foundation.

Carlos Melconian said that, in

Carlos Melconian said that, in “an intense day of work” with specialists, “no one asked for Batakis”. Photo Marcelo Carroll

In any case, it also represented a situation that did not leave the new head of the economic portfolio well enough. He said that, in the context of his frequent meetings with economic “specialists”, today he had “an intense day of work”. But he ensured that, during his course, “Nobody asked for Batakis”.

After a week of severe market instability following Guzmán’s resignation, the government attacked on Monday with Batakis’ announcement of a fiscal austerity package to avoid a devaluation.

Measures include, for example, the control of spending, the freezing of staff and the reduction of subsidies, a signal aimed at calming distrust in banks, together with inflationary pressures and expectations of devaluation.

We need to give some order and balance to the public finances of the nation state. The measures I will announce have to do with ensuring fiscal balance, “Batakis, accompanied by the cabinet’s economic team, explained at her first press conference at the Treasury since she took office a week ago.

In addition, the head of the Treasury acknowledged “tensions” in the economy and ratified the program agreed with the IMF, after the body went out last week to ask for “painful actions”. “We plan to achieve the goals,” Batakis said.

Carlos Melconian and the turning point of the current government

In parallel, the economist assured that the change in Alberto Fernández’s management took place “on November 15 (2021), 24 hours after the elections” in the medium term. According to him, there the government “has begun to last” and has bet on the “arrival” in the next elections.

Governments have situations that are lethal“, Underlined Melconian, and reiterated that on November 14, in the last legislative elections,” the company said no “to this administration. In this sense he insisted: “This doesn’t work for methey just have to last and arrive ”.

"This doesn

“This doesn’t change for me,” said Carlos Melconian of the country’s economic situation.

And he added that “there is a large part of society” with whom he feels “identified”, who “is doing something else.” “It’s not in the thread on one side or the other. The debate I want to make is to show that the debt in dollars and pesos, and that the monetary issue, which generates inflation, the greatest enemy of the poor, is harmful ”, he remarked.

Finally, he affirmed it “People are not interested in anything” what the political leadership discusses.


Source: Clarin

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