Home Business Techint and Mindlin, winners in the construction of the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline

Techint and Mindlin, winners in the construction of the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline

Techint and Mindlin, winners in the construction of the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline

Techint and Mindlin, winners in the construction of the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline

Federico Basualdo and Agustín Gerez at the opening ceremony of the tender envelopes for the construction of the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline.

The alliance between Techint and Sacde (Marcelo Mindlin’s construction company) has already made it left with a section in the construction of the gas pipeline that will connect Buenos Aires with Vaca Muerta. And he was going to manage the second tranche. Esuco, owned by Carlos Wagner (former president of the Argentine Chamber of Construction) was awarded the contract for a compression plant.

The union between Techint – which has already won the supply of pipes for the pipeline – and Sacde rwill receive $ 61,227 million for the construction of 220 kilometers of pipes “which extend from the connection to the TGS system (in the treatment plant) to kilometer 220 of the gas pipeline, located in La Pampa,” according to Energía Argentina, the state company responsible for the project. In the bidding process, it is called “line 1”.

BTU, which also participated in this audit, He asked for nearly 80,000 million and his offer was rejected.

The tender between Techint-Sacde and BTU was repeated for “line 2” of the pipeline. It is for the construction of another 220 kilometers of pipeline “which extend from kilometer 220 of the track in La Pampa to the 440 kilometer of the same province”. Techint offered $ 56.128 million, while BTU again requested a sum close to $ 80 billion. Although it has not yet been awarded, everything points to the Line two will also remain for the winners of line one.

Esuco, by Carlos Wagner, won the “line 5”, corresponding to a compression plant at the head of the Mercedes-Cardales pipeline in the province of Buenos Aires. It is a secondary pipe that will be built into the TGS system. That carrier (TGS) offered to do the job, but their offer was not accepted. Esuco came out on top by offering nearly $ 11 billion, while BTU asked for nearly $ 17 billion.

During these days, Energía Argentina will open bids for the remaining items. I’m the third section is 133 kilometers, with a budget of nearly $ 42 billion. and the fourth section29 kilometers long, with a parallel path to Neuba II and a connection to another pipeline, with 28,000 million dollars.

BTU is Carlos Mundin’s construction company that participated in all sections of the competition. Mundin was jailed for five months and came out with a partial dismissal due to the “notebooks” case. Next to him they point out that the company is now in the hands of their son, but that he follows the entire process due to his “vast experience”.

Carlos Wagner (of Esuco) was president of the Chamber of Construction for most of the Kirchner period. He was imprisoned for 15 days and declared repentant. Wagner has also handed over the management of the company to his children, but remains with the company.

The alliance of the Contreras Brothers with Víctor Contreras has not been admitted until now. Techint, which appeared in the notebooks with dismissed officials, appeared for all sections together with Sacde, the construction company that once belonged to Angelo Calcaterra as Iecsa and now belongs to the Pampa group, whose main shareholder is Marcelo Mindlin. Techint is the largest pipeline builder in the region.

Source: Clarin


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