Electricity and gas concessions: how to take turns to do face-to-face in ANSeS and how much time is there

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Ten days after opening the online registration for the Energy Subsidies Access Registry (RASE), this Tuesday closes the possibility to do so based on the completion of the DNI. The official goal is to have information on a total of between 8 and 9 million families. However, only 5 million have been scored so far. As the government studies the extent of registration, ANSES has announced that it will give 100,000 more shifts to carry out the procedure in person.

From the body directed by Fernanda Raverta reported that they have already delivered over 200 thousand shifts to request registration, at its offices located throughout the national territory. On the other hand, he pointed it out “The shift system is still open and another 100,000 will be granted between 8 and 12 August to perform the procedure in person.

All people who want to continue to receive the subsidy for electricity and gas services, including pensioners, pensioners, universal child and daughter allowance (AUH), pregnancy allowance, Progresar or Enhance Work, must register.

What documentation is needed to complete registration with ANSeS offices

To complete registration at the agency’s offices, individuals must submit the following documentation:

  • Last gas or electricity service bill or the following information: meter and customer number, service, account, contract or NIS on the electricity and natural gas bill for network.
  • Last copy of DNI, Civic or Registration book.
  • CUIL number of each member of the household over the age of 18.
  • Living income and that of each family member over the age of 18.
  • E-mail address for the contact.
  • If there is a community canteen or picnic area registered in the National Register of community canteens and picnic areas of civil society organizations (ReNaCOM), the registration number operates at the service address.

Furthermore, it is estimated that from Wednesday the Government will grant additional days to continue with the registration via the web.

Who can withhold benefits?

Having a monthly net income (out of your own pocket) less than a value equivalent to 3.5 total basic baskets (for a 2 household according to INDEC. That basket as of June (latest data available) equates to $ 104,216.80 and is updated every month. So, The service owner who earns $ 364,758.8 per month will no longer receive benefits.

Even those who are excluded are excluded owners of three or more cars under the age of 5. Of 3 or more properties. Owners of 1 or more aircraft or luxury boats. Or holders of corporate assets showing full economic capacity.

Tariff segmentation

Tariff segmentation

What information is required of me to fill out the form?

The following data will be requested:

  • Surname and name
  • Identification document
  • Procedure no.
  • CUIL
  • Genre
  • Date of birth
  • Socio-economic data
  • Employment situation
  • Contact information
  • Address declared by the user
  • Postal code
  • Relationship with the house
  • Electricity service data
  • Gas service data
  • Data of the cohabiting group

All data will be part of the completed affidavits which will be available in digital format on the website https://www.argentina.gob.ar

When do the increases take effect?

The energy secretary said this last week the new rates will be announced in August and that They will come into effect from September. Once the Government has prepared the subscriber lists, it must send it to the distributors, who are the ones who have to prepare the invoices with the new rates.

If I don’t sign up, can I still keep the grant?

The government said so those who do not register by default will gradually lose their electricity and gas subsidies, in three consecutive two months, in which the aid will be revoked one third at a time. However, there are cases where families earn more than $ 350,000 per month (the minimum level from which benefits are lost) but use the services in the name of a deceased or retired former owner. The Government asks the user to fill in the form. But, for those who want to keep the subsidy, there is a temptation not to compile it or falsify the information. The state should have the ability to make a map of all families, of the family groups that compose them, of their income.

The state tries to reach the top 10% of income. That’s why retirees or social rate beneficiaries are unlikely to receive increases, even if they don’t sign up.

What happens in the face of possible “animated” families who claim to earn less to maintain subsidies?

Executive Power says it will use the tools at its disposal to detect “inconsistencies,” as if someone claims the service is in the name of a relative, but is actually using it (and could pay the full cost). Energy and regulators will notify distributors that they must remove the subsidies for which “inconsistency” between your declaration and the data reported. This may not happen initially. But if the government keeps the subsidies for those who shouldn’t have them and finds that they have falsified the information, the increase will be charged retroactively.

When the family unit receives the pension, is the holder of an allowance or a social program, is enrolled as an electro-dependent, or has a certificate of disability – all reasons to keep the benefits – the Energy Secretariat can check it with Anses. There you will decide to keep the grants.

How is income calculated in the case of those with variable income?

The government suggests an average that roughly reflects a family’s income. The Ministry of Energy will verify the data against the Sintys system, but this may take time. The “inconsistencies” that could arise (between what is declared on the form and the actual income) may result in the loss of the contribution. In any case, the government is trying to get a large-scale approach, without focusing on particular cases.

What happens if the service bill is not in the name of the user or if they rent?

If the invoice does not come in the person’s name, You will still be able to apply for the grant as a user of the services indicating that you are not the owner. The same happens if the user is a tenant and not the owner of the house.

How much would the increase be for those who lose the benefit?

The first bimonthly increase is estimated to be 65%, according to the publication of the specialist site Econojournal, which took into consideration the case of an Edenor customer who paid $ 2,000 in June, which would increase to $ 3,500 in the next two months, so to $ 5,000 and finally to $ 6,500, with an increase of 1,500 for each bill. In any case, these are all estimates that will be reset only when Energy puts together the new tariffs.

How is the tariff segmentation?

There will be three levels of users.

Tall: total monthly household income exceeding the equivalent of 3.5 type 2 basic baskets according to INDEC, with 3 or more vehicles under the age of 5, 3 or more properties or a boat or aircraft.

Medium: total monthly household income greater than 1.5 but less than 3 basic type 2 baskets according to INDEC, having no more than 3 properties and not owning 2 or more vehicles under 5 years of age.

Social: This group claims to have a total monthly household income equivalent to 1 basic type 2 basket according to INDEC, to have less than 2 properties or to own none and not to have a vehicle under the age of 3 years.

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