The Positive Actions 2022 award already has winners

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The Positive Actions 2022 award already has winners

CCSA Award Winners. In this photo, Joaquín Chamo of Satellites in flames, together with the jury.

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As part of the Swiss National Day, August 1, the Argentine Swiss Chamber of Commerce the award ceremony of the second edition of the “Positive Actions” competition, which recognizes initiatives having a constructive impact on the community. The number of papers received exceeded expectations with a greater number of participants. In its first version, in 2021, 66 participants registered; this year the number was 87.

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“August 1st is a very special day: we celebrate the founding of the Swiss Confederation, welcome the new Swiss ambassador to Argentina and celebrate the delivery of our Positive Actions 2022 awards”, says Ernesto Kohen, President of the Swiss Argentina Chamber of Commerce (CCSA).

Ambassador Hans-Ruedi Bortis is the new Honorary President of the CCSA, replacing his predecessor Heinrich Schellenberg. This year the Swiss Embassy in Argentina and Ambassador Bortis celebrated the Swiss National Day with a face to face at the Palacio San Miguel in the city of Buenos Aires. And it is in this context that the CCSA held the award ceremony of the second edition of the “Positive Actions” competition, which recognizes companies, non-profit associations and individuals which have generated initiatives that have had a positive impact on the community.

The works presented are derived from individual and collective actions, under three themes defined by the CCSA: 1) “Youth”; 2) “Technological innovation”; 3) “Sustainability and Environment”. The initiatives had to be carried out between 1 January 2021 and 23 June 2022, as long as they had not been awarded in the previous edition of the competition.

The competition jury and winners were presented by Gian Carlo Aubry, vice president of the Argentine Swiss Chamber of Commerce, president and CEO of Nestlé for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Jury was made up of Hans-Ruedi Bortis, Ambassador of Switzerland to Argentina; Norberto Frigerio, Director of Institutional Relations Diario La Nación; Susana Andereggen, Publisher of books and magazines, producer of shows, host of radio and television programs; Marcos Bertin, Director of BQC Group-Bertin Consulting. Former President of the Argentine Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Honorary Member of the American Society for Quality; Bernardo Brunschwiler, Consultant for Wealth Management Services and Member of the Board of Directors of Bernardo Brunschwiller Consulting; Gian Paolo Mineli, Artist at Dot 51, Inc., well-known photographer born in Geneva (Switzerland), who has lived in Argentina since 1999; and María Silvia Fachini, Director of Studies at the Center for Argentine Valais Studies.

The evaluation criteria of the works were based on: Generated Benefits, Impact of the Action, Process (the actors of the company benefited from the objective of the action), Originality of the Action and Simplicity to Replicate.

The winners are listed below by theme:

Entity: University of Buenos Aires. Action: UBA green. Theme: Sustainability

individuals: Ana Beatriz Prieto. Action: Looking to the future with STEM education Topic: Youth and inclusion.

Companies: Satellites on fire. Action: Satellites on fire. Theme: Sustainability

Source: Clarin

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