De Mendiguren called on the ruling party and the opposition to “seek agreements” and warned of conflicts that “paralyze” governments

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De Mendiguren called on the ruling party and the opposition to

Ignacio de Mendiguren, greeting his team at BICE this Tuesday.

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The appointed production secretary, José Ignacio de Mendiguren, believed in this today “there is a political agreement” to get out of a “complex situation” like the one the Argentine economy is going through, for which he called “within the ruling party and opposed to seeking consensus together”.

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“The first agreement we are reaching it’s ours, inside of the dominant alliance. What I believe is that we must guarantee, and Sergio Massa is responsible for it… ”, she underlined.

De Mendiguren, former Minister of Production under Eduardo Duhalde, said that “we’re starting to look for deals. We are in a coalition and we must listen to each other. “

But he warned that “while analyzing all these assumptions (within the government), one must not stand still. The worst thing there is for a situation like this it is paralysis and wait for an event to occur to start moving “.

He said that “right now you must first get out of the situation you were in. Two weeks ago, all that people thought, even many recklessly, that Argentina would reschedule the debt in pesos, that it would not pay it, that the dollar was going into the stratosphere … “

“I hope there is a political agreement, at least to get out of it,” said De Mendiguren in a dialogue with Dato sobre Dato of radio Milenium, recalling that “in 2002, if he got out quickly, it was because politics, Peronism and radicalism, they decided to go out together“.

He said he did not know if the economist Gabriel Rubinstein would be confirmed as deputy minister, but commented that in the Massa team “we have to count back a month, not forward”.

“These days we have been very involved in this task that the first phase has to do with calming the economy and in my case being very clear on where we are going. Calm was a priority issue. We could not think of the medium and long term with the noise that there had been in the last few days ”on the markets.

For De Mendiguren “the situation is complex; there has been a lot of pressure for a significant devaluation and to go out there; the most difficult path has been chosen, which is to try to remove the roof and not just to raise the floor; it is not easy.”

“No measure is simple and when there are complexities of this type, what I invite is the ruling party and the opposition to seek consensus together; we must have humility because none of those who think today have successes to show“, He added.

On the other hand, he underlined his critical position towards “financialism” and made it clear that he is not against the financial sector: “financialism he is the one who believes the world is finance and everyone goes through arbitration and sells bonds (…) I think finance is essential, but first you need to know what you want to finance. “

After stating that “we have never changed Argentina’s production structure”, he stressed that the country “is generating dollars today”.

“Last year we generated 13,000 million in surplus; then this crisis broke out; in September we no longer consume energy and we hope to close the year between 10,000 and 13,000 million in trade surplus,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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