The airline pilots’ claim is to reach a basic salary of 500,000 pesos

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The airline pilots' claim is to reach a basic salary of 500,000 pesos

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Passengers at the Aeroparque counters this Monday. More than 6,000 people were affected by the forceful action of the airline pilots, who held a surprise assembly for four hours. photo Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

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The claim of the pilots of Aerolineas Argentinas has a salary of 500,000 pesos for the most basic categorythat is to domestic flight co-pilot. This was stated to Clarione Government sources, even after the union leader, Pablo Birocame out to deny it in statements on the radio, during an interview in which he asked for the incorporation of 150 new pilots into the state airline.

“In Airlines there is a salary request and it is one of the many points we are talking about. What I am telling you is that, today, we are 20 points below the CPI“Biró said on Monday, shortly after the end of the force measure in the Aeroparque which affected 6,000 passengers, in statements on the radio La 990.” They should know why (Sergio) Massa, who arrived in Economy, (as deputy, an increase of 68 points was signed, and also Cristina (Kirchner). And we, in good faith, signed just over 40 points from September to September “.

At that point Biró denied the 500,000 pesos version. “It is not true that we are asking for a base of 500,000 pesos Nor is it true that the conflict is exclusively wages.

As Monday night fell, the government refuted him. “Yesterday, just before the strike, there was a meeting between the APLA and the airlines of the national capital, grouped in the CLARA room, in which Biró asked for the base to be 500,000 pesos“, said government sources with access to the leadership of Aerolineas Argentinas.

Regardless of who said what, the truth is that the salary claim that Biró publicly mentioned ends up being the same which leads to a base of 500,000 pesos for less experienced pilots of the national airline.

According to the wages site Glassdoor, the basic salary of an Aerolineas Argentinas pilot at this time is 314,000 pesosnot to mention the benefits such as remís for those who live within a radius of 60 kilometers, more for seniority or to perform functions of instructor or other duties.

Biró’s request is for an immediate salary rebalancing of 20%. This recomposition, as they say, is prior to the joint negotiation of the period October 2022 – September 2023. So that between the 20% offsetting and a first tranche of increase from October, the basic salary for airline pilots it would reach 500,000 pesos.

Biró, a trade unionist for a long decade at the helm of the APLA, has decided to go out with the spiked caps against Serge Massawho he almost accused of being a lobbyist for the American embassy.

“When a colleague shows up at Flybondi or JetSmart they ask him if he’s affiliated (with APLA) and tell him you don’t have a job here. This is a crime in Argentina, which cannot be validated by either the Ministry of Labor or the Ministry of Transport, “said Biró.” So the measures will increase and the fight plan has just begun. “

He added: “It is better that they put someone up to the task and with responsibility. I don’t know what business they have with the American embassy. I don’t know, today (Monday) Massa met with the US ambassador. Behind JetSmart and Flybondi are Indigo and Cartesian funds, which come from the United States. And those funds bring people to Argentina who persecute pilots affiliated with our union. “

After that accusation, the trade unionist charged again against Massa and even advanced with a comment (bordering on misogyny) versus Moria Casanwho was the best-known celebrity at the inauguration ceremony of the new Minister of Economy.

“It broke my heart for a national and popular government and not for a right-wing government that holds good manners. If they want to fix me, let them fix Moria, if they want to fix it. “He repeated,” Let them fix Moria, if they want to fix me. In Airlines, if they want to leave us 20 points below the CPI, prepare them because They will have a very intense conflict. “

Pablo Biró General Secretary of the Airline Pilots Association (APLA).  photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Pablo Biró General Secretary of the Airline Pilots Association (APLA). photo Emmanuel Fernandez

The trade unionist closed by stating that “Airlines 150 pilots are already needednow that he is putting the fleet into service and (the company) denies the incorporation of those colleagues. “

The truth is that Aerolineas Argentinas has stated, through a statement, that it is seeking to include more staff, in line with the union’s claim.

“As is known, with decree 246/22, the National Government has limited the entry of personnel into the public sector, of which Aerolineas Argentinas is an integral part. However, according to the fleet plan outlined, the company is carrying out the corresponding procedures in order to comply with current regulations, “the company said.

Source: Clarin

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