Martín Guzmán’s sentiment was adopted: “We manage with people aligned with the economic program”

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Martín Guzmán's feeling is adopted:

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Martín Guzmán spoke on Monday after rumors of a departure from the Cabinet. Image: TV capture.

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Economy Minister Martín Guzmán spoke on Monday, after a weekend plagued by rumors about his departure from Government. The economist argued that was adopted by Alberto Fernández and warned, in a message inside the Front of All: “We will manage the aligned people including the economic program.

In an interview with C5N Guzmán said they were on their way “build credibility” based on a “solid, consistent program that we have designed, approved and allows us to refinance the debt to the IMF.”

And he added, in what sounds like a message to ruling party insider and hard-line Kirchnerism: “That credibility is lacking. calm expectations, clear political support, instead of taking actions that what they are doing is develop uncertainty”.

“The idea is to (go) all together, pulling in the same direction, managing what is an economic program defined in a very clear way that says we need to put up reserves because we need to have more strong Central Bank and that it is not all the time this problem that because the reserve is low, there are doubts whether there will be a jump in the exchange rate or not, ”he added.

After maintaining that Fernández’s support – whom he met on Sunday at the Olivos residence – was “obvious”, the minister insisted that “there is a job with the President that yields resultswhich we see in terms of economic and employment recovery ”.

Guzman admitted that “there are issues that need to be fixed” and affirmed that “the main occupation from economic policy is the problem of inflation and to ensure that there is a recovery of real income.” “It’s very important to provide assurances rather than create uncertainties,” he said.

Guzmán on retentions and signed with Feletti

theAsked about the possible increase in agricultural restrictions, he explained that “an international situation is experiencing that with substantial revenue for some sectors“. In this sense, he affirmed that” there is a political definition already taken will not increase export duties on grains”.

In a new internal message of the Front of All and to government officials who responded to Cristina Kirchner -in this case Roberto Feletti, Secretary of Internal Trade-, Guzmán indicated that “when a political definition is taken, it is important that working officers must be aligned with what is defined in politics and Don’t say things that could create uncertainty about decisions that have already been made.

He insisted:You may want more or less to various officersbut that the political decision”.

And he was more to the bone with his subordinate with a rhetorical question answered on the air. “Because what will happen? If later we start, despite having already made a decision, to say ‘maybe they went up, they didn’t go up’, on the one hand we don’t have the effect of the ability to vary including the international price of the local price, but the effect of certainty associated with a decision is also not captured. Then, all of us we need to work in an orderly way and when the President makes a decision and everyone follows the same line, that’s what’s defined going forward ”.

Last week, the Secretary of Domestic Trade -on paper, a subordinate of Guzmán, accused the minister and his portfolio for inflation -“We don’t work miracles”, said the person in charge of price controls- and demanded to apply mobile withholding. . In the monotone tone of his superior he was gladly rejected.

Meanwhile, Guzmán confirmed that he is “looking for a mechanism, without holding export duties, that allows the redistribution of extraordinary income generated in Argentina.”

Martín Guzmán felt he was supported by Alberto Fernández and taught the official interior.  Photo Juan Manuel Foglia

Martín Guzmán felt he was supported by Alberto Fernández and taught the official interior. Photo Juan Manuel Foglia

Guzmán and inflation at 6% for March

“Inflation for the month of March will be the highest in the year. The index will exceed 6%,” the minister admitted in light of the disturbing displays. In that sense, he added: “What we are doing, first of all, is making policies to guarantee that purchasing power grows. It is important for the economy to continue its recovery.”

“We work from price and revenue policy to in this context accommodated the salary issue ensuring that wages beat inflation, ”he explains.

“What follows is to resume the implementation of the monetary policy we have outlined in which the State has a role to support the recovery as it happens and the development of the medium term. Simultaneously with the reduction of the fiscal deficit. Argentina needs to resume reducing its financial deficit and making it less dependent on indebtedness and issuance, ”he states in context.

And he concluded that it was “an arithmetic question, not an ideological one.”

Meanwhile, when asked how internal components of inflation, the Secretary of Commerce recalled, Ricardo Feletti, “gave very important and very real meaning”, he said that ‘inflation cannot be reduced by price policies’. It’s not what you call ‘price agreement’ and inflation is over. It doesn’t work that way. “

“Inflation is being attacked by macroeconomic policy, and two questions are needed here: one is an economic program. That exists now. But on the other hand, political support is needed, because the economy does not work in a vacuum, ”he added.

Martín Guzmán sent a series of messages to Roberto Feletti.  Image: Clarin file.

Martín Guzmán sent a series of messages to Roberto Feletti. Image: Clarin file.

Guzmán and another wealth tax?

The minister announced that the Government is working on a project to redistribute the unexpected rent”Receiving the product sector of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“There is a problem with uneven regressive shock in the world what is happening in the war in Ukraine. What we are looking for is to find a mechanism to redistribute unexpected income, which is not the product of additional investment being generated, to the sectors that are most unprotected ”, he indicated.

Guzmán argued that this mechanism in which he works would require the support of Congress. “If we can get the support, to get a share of that revenue, we will have more capacity to ensure that Argentina is on the path of a more equal distribution of income“, He added.

Although avoids giving detailsexplained that the project they were doing was due to the fact that “now there is an issue of unexpected income, which is not the result of additional investment, or more employment, but rather the result of a shock that no nothing to do with human action. That, if nothing to do, is regressive, we are looking for a way to find a mechanism that allows us to deal with this situation.


Source: Clarin

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