Carlos Melconian felt that “the government has remained with Soviet ideas” and Sergio Massa “will not win the game”

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The Economist Carlo Melconiano He spoke about the country’s political and economic situation. questioned the government for his “Soviet ideas”expressed his distrust of the management of Serge Massa of the Palacio de Hacienda and said he is already preparing a program for the next president of Argentina.

The former president of Banco Nación spoke about what will be for him the main objective of the new Minister of Economy. Faithful to his acid style of him, he said that the idea will not be to have a stabilization plan, nor to go back to creating a competitive governing party to put him in the running for the next elections: “At most he can aspire to return to the path of non-explosive deteriorationwhich is the path already taken by the government. A sort of ‘Plan that comes’“.

In making an analysis, he stressed that “what suits this period in Argentina best is Berretaland. This is all very silly. And that I was born in the paddock, it’s not talking about a guy whose socks don’t fall out. But it’s all very far-fetched, all of very low quality in all government cadres. It’s hard for the minister to put teams together, you know? It takes 15 days here the wear begins immediately“.

“In this business of having advisors, and having a person who, as a minister is not an economist, has to stay with the macro in mind … all this is ignoring the mess that is going on in Argentina today. gladiator team Wherever you put your finger, you don’t need a person, but a team of specialists to solve the number of quilombos there are“, He added.

In this sense, he said that although the Deputy Minister of Economy has a masterplan, there is no future: “will not win the game“He said in a footballing key, speaking with CNN Radio.

Speaking of reserves, Melconian explained that the numbers are negative: “Gas can give you a break, but exports also drop. And if you advance by a thousand, in three months you are short of a thousand. look how you are. There is a lot of cotillion in all of this“.

Furthermore, he noted that “when the dollar was at $ 350, it became the third highest dollar in the country after the hypermarket and the Malvinas. Now at $ 290 you feel relieved. This is a program that has a gap of 70 and it makes you nervous above the 90 “gap.

It was there that he once again gave a definition of the current leadership of the country: “This government remained faithful to Soviet ideasbelieves that price indicators are responsible for the crisis “.

Finally, he spoke about subsidies and outlined how in the rest of the Latin American countries the prices did not intervene by the state: “We will have to get used to the fact that energy and transport are worth what they are worth and those who cannot pay justify why not you can pay it and it is transferred to the person – not to the company or collective owners -, it arrives on your account accordingly “.

When asked if he intends to return to politics, Melconian chose an ambiguous answer: “We do politics all day, in another sense of the word. I have never left the format you have in mind. I am working on a party program for the next president of Argentinathat tries to distinguish economics from politics, knowing that there is a permanent link “, he concluded.


Source: Clarin

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