AFIP controls card consumption: from what amount banks must report customer expenses

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AFIP controls card consumption: from what amount banks must report customer expenses

Card spending is increasing month by month, hand in hand with inflation. Photo by Reuters

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As often happens in various items, from the amount from which the salary is paid Income tax or what is the maximum billing for a company to be considered an SME, in Argentina of unleashed inflation, setting fixed monetary values ​​for bonds or benefits ends up playing to the detriment of taxpayers or companies.

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For example, the last time the minimum amount from which banks must inform AFIP about the transactions made by their customers in the accounts and credit or debit cards was on January 27. And before that, the last time that figure was touched was in 2018.

The regulations have increased from $ 10,000 to $ 30,000 the minimum amount from which financial institutions must declare consumption by debit card. And of From $ 30,000 to $ 90,000 the minimum amount to report credits, withdrawals, account balances and fixed-term deposits.

“Changes allow financial institutions to streamline their operations and the agency optimizes the information it receives automatically and permanently on monthly credits, withdrawals, account balances, term deposits and card consumption, “AFIP said in January.

So far this year inflation has been 46.2%, which means that to keep these figures up to date, the $ 30,000 in debit cardsor it should be $ 43,860 today and the $ 90,000 in credit should reach $ 131,580.

Keep the values ​​frozen for six months with a price increase that will reach 90% in the generated year more bureaucracy for the bankstaking into account that transactions with plastic do not stop growing.

For example, in the second quarter of 2022 the increase Year on year, the number of credit card transactions was 10% and with debit cards the increase reached 23%, according to data managed by Prisma Means of payment.

Plans Now continues the growth trend of the credit card consumption share: Now 3 and Now 6 are the fastest growing ones.

But one of the consumption that grows the most is travel, which is usually a big expense. Travel, Tourism and Airlines increased 48% in the number of transactions in the second quarter of the year, followed by Restaurants, with 63% and Apparel, with 54%.


Source: Clarin

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