Luz y Fuerza retirees: what will be the half-yearly increase they will receive from September

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Luz y Fuerza retirees: what will be the half-yearly increase they will receive from September

Luz y Fuerza retirees contribute 13% of their gross salary to retirement, 2 points more than the general scheme. Photo: Orlando Pelicotti / The Andes

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To have a special regime which applies with a delay of one year, the nearly 36,839 between retirees and retirees of Light and strengthwhich in March received a 21.12% increase, will receive since September and until February 2023 another similar increase of 21.12%, according to ANSeS Circular 30.

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Faced with inflation this year of the order of 90/100%, the pensioners of Luz y Fuerza it could lose more than 25% of its purchasing poweraccumulating in 5 years a real loss of almost 40%.

The quotas are similar because they are applied based on the evolution of wages over the last year.

These percentages derive from the special sector law, which establishes that the sum of the monthly pension credit according to the general scheme a supplement is added to reach 70% of the salary.

This percentage is calculated on the monthly average of the total remuneration of the last 12 months preceding the date of termination of the employment relationship, after the update of the general index (RIPTE).

Active workers in this guild contribute 13%: an additional 2% 11% of the general pension discount.

This credit has a mobility that is applied in the months of March and September of each year, based on the changes in art fees indicated in the affidavits of the electricity companies.

This change occurs from January to December of each year, and is paid the following year, in two equal cumulative installments (March and September).

  • in 2018 each installment was 13.54%, with a sum of 28.91% against an annual inflation of 47.6%. A loss of 12.7%.
  • in 2019 Those 2 installments were 13.4%, which accumulated yielded 28.6%, well below the 2019 inflation of 53.8%. A loss of 16.4%.
  • in 2020 Those 2 accumulated half-yearly installments of 18.76% reached 41% against an inflation of 36.1%. ORnd 3.6% recovery.
  • in 2021 the 2 installments were 15.43%, for a total of 33.2% against an inflation of 50.9%. A decrease of 11.7%.
  • in 2022each installment is 21.12% with a cumulative annual rate of 46.7%, lower than the inflation forecast for this year.

The 5-year balance (2018/2022) is clearly unfavorable for this segment of retirees and retirees, compounded by the losses that occur between semester and semester due to the monthly inflation rate. Y reflect the loss of salary of active staff.


Source: Clarin

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